Department of management named after prof. Zavadskyi Y.S.

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony 11, Str. (building No 10, room 314, 315, 317)

Tel.: Tel.: (044) 527-85-66

Head of Department:
Vasyl P. Horiovyi

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor


            Department of Management named after prof. Y.S. Zavadskyi (before 1996 the Department of Agricultural Production Management), as an independent structural unit of the University, was founded in 1973. The founder and head of the Department of Management for 30 years was Doctor of Economics, professor, Honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine ZavadskyiYosypStanislavovych. Since 2004, the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine GoriovyiVasylPavlovych.

Currently, the department taught cycle of managerial disciplines.
The teaching staff of the department of management is formed from highly educated specialists with academic degrees of the candidate and doctors of sciences, considerable practical and scientific work experience, which allows them to effectively manage the scientific work of students, to carry out a considerable amount of teaching and methodical work, etc. At this time the department is presented by 19 people, including 4 professors, 9 associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 3 assistants.
The degree of doctor of economic sciences has 3 persons and the degree of candidate of economic sciences - 13 people. In their work on training specialists, professors of the department are guided by world standards, actively work on content enrichment, the introduction of innovative technologies, provide an organic combination of fundamental, general economic and professional training, harmonization of the educational process, which allows future specialists to have a broad worldview, get profound knowledge from professionally oriented disciplines and mastering the profession.
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