Student Life

Student life in the NUBiP of Ukraine has a colorful character. The University provides wide opportunities. And all students who wishs to spend their leisure time productively, are able to realize it at the University. It's different groups, sections, clubs and centers of interest. Due to the active position of our students you can participate in several projects of national and large-scale level

"Clean Country"

This year in June students of our university participated in a joint project of the U.N.O. and the TV channel "1 +1" called "Clean Country". Together with the activists of the Golosievskyi district was carried out the operation on total elimination of waste accumulated in the Golosievskyi forest near the lake Didorovka. Got a lot of positive emotions and a charge of cheerfulness for a week =)


Football match

October 17, 2009 at the stadium of NUBiP of Ukraine took place a friendly football match between teams of the student organization and administration. In the face of two generations the team of experienced players won by two points to one. Despite the defeat of the team of young players, it was a great opportunity to commune with representatives of the University administration.

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