The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The current intensification of national economy requires a high level of physical reliability and readiness for productive work.

     That is way considerable attention is being paid at the university to the development of physical culture and sports among the students, teaching staff und university personnel by involving them into regular physical activities and participation in sports events.

The university offers sports facilities which include a football stadium with track and field racetracks and stands for 5, 000 seats, outdoor basketball and volleyball pitches, 2 playgrounds for mini-football, and tennis courts. In the sports complex of the university there is a playing hall, a karate hall, a hall for weightlifting, a gym, and a hall for wrestling. Sports facilities are adjacent to Maksim Rylskyi Holosiivskyi Park and Holosiivskyi forest – a great place for cross racing, orienteering, sports radio direction finding, ski racing, and tourism.
Each year the university holds following sporting events:
·         Sports contest of the NULES of Ukraine among students in 15 sports (volleyball (men and women), basketball (men and women), football (men), chess, checkers, weight sports, weightlifting, free wrestling, table tennis, cross racing, athletics, orienteering, tourism);
·         “Health” sports contest among the teaching staff and personnel of the NUBiP of Ukraine in 6 sports ( badminton, basketball, volleyball, mini-football, table tennis, chess);
·         Sports contest among the students living in the hostels of the NUBiP of Ukraine in 8 sports (streetball, volleyball, mini-football, hockey, chess, checkers, table tennis, arm wrestling);
·         Competitions in the educational and research institutes in various sports.
Students, teaching staff and personnel of the university have got the opportunity to go in for sports in 13 sports training departments headed by the teaching staff of the Department of Physical Education, 3 health groups for teachers and employees of the university, “Bars” travel club. In addition, an educational health and sports center under the Department of Physical Education offers its services for students, university staff and residents of Holosiivskyi district.
Also, students and employees of the NULES of Ukraine take part in local, regional, national and international competitions. The national sports games among students of agricultural higher educational establishments in 12 sports are held biannually. The best sportsmen students participate in these games representing the NUBiP of Ukraine. The university is six-time winner of these games in complex results.
In 2011, the university won the first team prize in the “Health” sports contest among the teaching staff and personnel of agrarian higher educational establishments of Ukraine. The university teams were champions and prize-winners in badminton, table tennis, chess, and volleyball.
Sports activities are carried out in accordance with the Regulations about physical culture and sports activities in the university.
Physical and sports activities at the university are conducted by the Department of Physical Education jointly with labor union committee and student organization.


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