Civic organizations

Civic organization – union of citizens for satisfaction and defense of legal social, economic, creative, military, national, culture, sportive and other common interests (in accordance with Law of Ukraine “About Citizen Unions” under 16.06.1992 N 2460-XII).
InNationalUniversityofLifeandEnvironmentalSciencesofUkraineact next civic organizations:
- Labor Union
Priority task for Labor Union is continuing cooperation with Administration in stand by Law of Ukraine of remuneration issues. Employment, Solutions of employment dispute, Civic control in accordance with legislation, Creation of labor secure conditions etc. 
Head of the Union – Ivan P. Gavrylyuk
Address: Heroyv Oborony 15 office 26
Tel. : 527-82-48

- Primary Labor Union of Students and PhD’ candidates
Primary Labor Union of Students and PhD’s of National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine – is civic organization of Students. The main task is to represent, securing of educational, social, economic rights of its members.
Head of  primary labor Union of students and PhD`candidates - Oleksii A. Muravskiy
Address: Heroyv Oborony 15 office 24-a
Tel. : (044)527-85-63
E-mail: [email protected]

-Feminine club Harmony
Each year in University women do a lot of in Scientific Enlightenment and Culture Educational spheres. There are organization of meetings with interesting people (poets, historians, philosophers, painters etc.), functioning of “Round tables” on the cultural themes, carrying out “The evenings” devoted to jubilees of famous people in native and world culture, organization of historic and ethnographic expeditions.
Head of Feminine club Harmony - Tetyana F. Melnychuk     
Address: Heroyv Oborony 15 office 76
tel.: (044)-527-88-12
Е-mail: [email protected]
- Organization of Students
Organization of Studentsis voluntary union of students’ self-government bodies of University subdivisions, students’ self-government bodies of Faculties and Clubs and Centers. It is also consultative body by the Rector Office. It was created with purpose of involvement young people in important social activity.    
Head of Organization - Igor M.Dmytrenko
Address: Heroyv Oborony 15 office 25-А
Теl.: (044)-527-88-96
e-mail:[email protected]
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