Exchanging experience in establishing cooperation with the Warsaw University of Ecology and Management

September 21, 2017

From November 14 till November 19, 2016, We - Associate Professor Oksana Zazymko - Head of the Department of Education and Professor of the Department of Management Tetyana Balanovska were staying at the University of Ecology and Management (Warsaw, Poland) under the ERASMUS + academic mobility program for administrative staff and teaching staff. 

Douglas Kenelli and Jodi Cornell shared their experience in the sphere of extension service

September 7, 2017

     Students and faculty staff of Institute of Continuing Education attended a meeting with Professor Douglas Kenelli and a specialist in international programs Jodi Cornel (Iowa University, US). 

University of São Paulo (Brazil) is open to cooperate with NUBiP of Ukraine foto

September 7, 2017

     Our University is expanding our links with other countries of the world. This Wednesday Prof. Marcos Fava Neves, a PhD in Strategic Planning and Management paid a visit to our institution. Vice-rector for international Activity Vadym Tkachuk had a talk with the professor from University of São Paulo (Brazil). 

University faculty staff trained to manage emergencies in the USA foto

September 6, 2017

     Professor of Forestry Department Serhii Sibtsev and associate of Forest Taxation and Forest Management Oleksandr Soshenskyi attended a seminar which covered the issue of emergency management which took place in the United States of America. 

New strategies, new perspectives in a new academic year at NUBiР of Ukraine

September 1, 2017

The campus of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is gathering freshmen and their parents for 120th time. This event is an important and integral part of educational process at our alma mater as it lays foundation for a new friendship cooperation with scholars and students from other countries. 

Congratulations go to Vasyl Shynkaruk and Petro Lakyda!

August 23, 2017

    Ukraine honor awards are given to Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy Vasyl Shynkaruk and Head of Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening Petro Lakyda. V. 

University students and faculty members had a meeting to celebrate Flag Day foto

August 23, 2017

Flag Day has never been celebrated so solemnly and exalted at our University. Honorary guard of the Presidential Regiment raised National Flag on the new 12-meter flagpole in front of the central building under the execution of the national anthem and military salute. 

Student enrollment 2017 is an issue to discuss

August 22, 2017

     Rector Stanislav Nikolaienko is heading the meeting the admission board who are to make conclusions about the process of student enrollment this year. 

Post graduate students Yurii Masalovych and Oksana Moldavchuk are registered scholarship holders of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

August 21, 2017

According to offers of higher educational institutions Government appointed scholarships of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to postgraduate students for 2017-2018 academic year (order № 405-р on 14.06.2017). We are happy to inform that our university post graduate students are among the scholarship holders. 

The development of higher education potential. ERASMUS+: our university got two projects

August 14, 2017

The competition «The development of higher education development» resulted in selecting eight projects in which 41 Ukrainian educational establishments took part. It was held by Executive agency on education, audio and visual means and culture. The cost of these projects is 7,5 mln euros.  

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