Факультет аграрного менеджменту

Англомовна магістратура/ English speaking MSc Program in Management

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the higher educational institution an international student should have secondary education certificate and satisfactory health state for habitation in climatic conditions of Ukraine and training in chosen specialty.
Foreign citizens who graduated from the higher educational institutions of foreign countries are entitled to continue the education in Ukraine on the basis of the documents that certify their education bachelor/master level.

Study terms:

- Master training — 1,5 - 2 years after bachelor program;

In 2020 the course will start on September 15, 2020.

Curriculum - download

Student Leisure

Foreign students have access to library collections of the National University of Life andEnvironmental Sciences of Ukraine (http://elibrary.nubip.edu.ua), in particular, the Scientific LibraryNUBiP Ukraine (National Depository Library FAO http://library.nauu.kiev.ua/index.html).
The University has developed sports facilities, everyone has the opportunity to keep fit and become a member of various sports competition. More about the sport life of the University:http://nubip.edu.ua/node/69
Every year NUBiP Ukraine organizes international festival of art "Holosiivska Vesna". Also, foreign students can submit the traditions and culture of his land in such events as "Student evenings."

Living Conditions

The university town is situated in the picturesque place of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Students live in the students' hostels.
The price of living in the hostel is 740 UAH per month (season 2019/2020).
Cost of accommodation should be paid extra.
For information, contact the Center for international Activity (building 3, room 107).
Telephone:+38 (044) 258-42-34.

More informationa about admission procedure for international students - please follow the link.

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