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Англомовна магістратура/ English speaking MSc Program in Management

Faculty of Agricultural Management would like to introduce our Master’s programs taught in English in 2023

Management of Organizations programme provides students with an opportunity to gain in-depth economic theoretical and practical knowledge to perform managerial, organizational, consulting, and other functions of a manager. This program allows you to get the systemic knowledge necessary for the manager in the field of general and strategic management, change management, logistics management, and HR management, as well as in other functional areas of activity implemented in the company's management.

Detailed information: https://nubip.edu.ua/node/1141/17 

Administrative Management prepares leaders for agribusiness to manage modern technologies, resources and people. In this program we teach modern agritechnologies, soft-skills, management of business processes and people. You will get access to guest-lectures from the leading experts of Ukraine and from all over the World – TOP managers who are in the list of the most successful people. We will put the special focus on practical training at the agricultural companies to be ready for the future at the highest level.
This program provides the opportunity to gain two degrees: Master from NUBiP of Ukraine and Master from University of Applied Sciences Weinstephan-Triesdorf, Germany.

Detailed information: https://agrokebety.com/en#kebety_en

Management of International Activity prepares the leaders for developing export-import relations in terms to be ready to open new companies and new intercultural narratives globally. We teach management, marketing, cross-cultural communication and negotiation, decision making with respond to the global challenges. The program combines classical approach of the management of international activity and unique application to the real situation of agribusiness. This program provides the opportunity to gain two degrees as dual degree programme/parallel study program quality assured by Slovak University of Agriculture – graduates will receive two degrees, one from Faculty of Economics and Management SUA in Nitra and second from NUBiP of Ukraine

Detailed information: https://nubip.edu.ua/node/1135/20

Management of Investment Activity and International Projects program dedicated at training specialists in the development of investment policy of companies and project management, the search for international programs and grants and defining sources of investment due to the need of agribusiness in project managers, project coordinators, investment managers and analysts, managers of investment departments and investment consultants. There are opportunities for students of master level to obtain both diploma of leading Polish institutions and diploma of NUBiP of Ukraine through the programs of twin diplomas.

Detailed information: https://nubip.edu.ua/node/89427


Marketing - Marketing program allows to form in the future specialist the ability to dynamically combine knowledge, hard skills, communication skills and abilities of solving problems and tasks in marketing sphere, development of strategies, plans, marketing programs and implementing innovative technologies in professional activities.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the higher educational institution an international student should have secondary education certificate and satisfactory health state for habitation in climatic conditions of Ukraine and training in chosen specialty.
Foreign citizens who graduated from the higher educational institutions of foreign countries are entitled to continue the education in Ukraine on the basis of the documents that certify their education bachelor/master level.

Study terms:

- Master training — 1,5 year after bachelor program

In 2022 the course will start on October 1, 2022.

Student Leisure

Foreign students have access to library collections of the National University of Life andEnvironmental Sciences of Ukraine (http://elibrary.nubip.edu.ua), in particular, the Scientific LibraryNUBiP Ukraine (National Depository Library FAO http://library.nauu.kiev.ua/index.html).
The University has developed sports facilities, everyone has the opportunity to keep fit and become a member of various sports competition. More about the sport life of the University:http://nubip.edu.ua/node/69
Every year NUBiP Ukraine organizes international festival of art "Holosiivska Vesna". Also, foreign students can submit the traditions and culture of his land in such events as "Student evenings."

Living Conditions

The university town is situated in the picturesque place of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Students live in the students' hostels.
The price of living in the hostel is 8700 UAH per year (season 2021/2022).
Cost of accommodation should be paid extra.
For information, contact the Center for international Activity (building 3, room 107).
Telephone:+38 (044) 258-42-34.

More information about admission procedure for international students - please follow the link.

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