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Contemporary economic changes need modern management tools, innovative management techniques, and therefore the leaders of very different qualities and professional outlook.
This MSc programme provides students with an opportunity to gain in-depth economic theoretical and practical knowledge to perform managerial, organizational, consulting, and other functions of a manager.
Competent management makes the organization reliable, manageable and successful. This MSc programme allows you to get a profession, the demand for which will always be stable, regardless of the general situation in the country and the world as a whole.
This degree allows you to receive the systemic knowledge necessary for the manager in the field of general and strategic management, change management, logistics management, and HR management, as well as in other functional areas of activity implemented in the company's management.
Necessary background of students
The students can come from very diverse fields of study.
To be admitted to a higher educational institution an international students have to have a secondary education certificate.
In addition, students may also have to provide evidence of their English proficiency, although you do not need to provide this at the time of your application to NULES.
Academic calendar of the Master program
Beginning of the academic year: September 1st
End of the academic year: December 25, 2022
Holidays: July 2022 – August 2022
Credit hours – 90 ECTS
1st Semester
2rd Semester
3rd Semester
Business management (5 ECTS)
Complex quality management system of products and services(4 ECTS)
Risk Management and Economic Security(4 ECTS)
Psychology of management and conflictology (5 ECTS)
Management of organizational development of the enterprise(4 ECTS)
Logistics management (4 ECTS)
Change management (4 ECTS)
Management of cooperatives(4 ECTS)
Team management(4 ECTS)
Management of enterprise competitiveness (4 ECTS)
Digital Management (4 ECTS)
Internship (12 ECTS)
Contract law (4 ECTS)
Project management in organizations(4 ECTS)
Master thesis  (10 ECTS)
Methodology of scientific research (4 ECTS)
Optional subject 1 (4 ECTS)
Business ethics and corporate social responsibility(4 ECTS)
Optional subject 2 (4 ECTS)
Writing of master thesis  (2 ECTS)
Language: English
Tuition fee: TBA
Advantages & Opportunities
After graduating the students will be able to solve practical problems and complex specialized tasks in the field of management of the organization and its departments. The program will promote the formation of business qualities, professionalism, creativity, entrepreneurship, independence in the process of development and decision-making, organization, willingness to work in a dynamic highly competitive environment.
The graduate is suitable for employment in the following positions: heads of enterprises, institutions, and organizations (CEO); heads of production and other main divisions; heads of functional divisions (including heads of financial, accounting, economic, legal, and administrative divisions and other heads; heads of divisions of personnel and social and labor relations; heads of divisions of marketing; heads of divisions of logistical supply; heads of projects and programs; heads of others functional units; managers of small enterprises; managers of enterprises, institutions, organizations, and their divisions; and other positions of managers, their deputies, and assistants in organizations of various forms of ownership and organizational and legal forms of management, production and non-production spheres of the economy, in public administration and local government.
The application form will be added soon
For any further questions
Applications are made directly on the university's website. However, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] for any questions regarding this MP.
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