Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi

Адреса: Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony 11, Str. (building No 10, room 314, 315, 317)

Тел.: Tel.: (044) 527-85-66

Head of Department:
Tetiana Balanovska

PhD in Economics, Professor

Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi (until 1996 ‑ Department of Agricultural Management), as an independent structural unit of the University, was created in 1973. The founder and head of the Department of Management for 30 years was Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Josyp Zavadskyi.
Since 2005, the Department of Management has been named after Professor
J. S. Zavadskyi. From 2004 to 2019, the department was headed by the Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine Vasyl Goriovyi; from September 2019 to October 2020 – Doctor of Economics, Professor Nadiia Reznik. Since October 2020, the department has been headed by PhD in Economics, Professor Tetiana Balanovska.
The main aim of the department is to create a modern training facilities to provide education and training highly competitive professionals in the field of management for the agricultural sector of Ukraine and implementation of research on the development of management science, education and business in Ukraine and abroad.
The department teaches a series of management disciplines. 15 scientific and pedagogical employees work in the Department of Management named after Professor J. S. Zavadskyi, among them: 1 Doctor of Economics and 12 PhD in Economics, 2 Professors and 9 Associate Professors. 
 Academic staff of the department have the necessary qualifications, carry out scientific research, educational and methodological work, career guidance and educational work.
Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department receive advanced training in scientific-research institutes, institutions of higher education, as well as through internships at enterprises. Teachers of the department actively participate in foreign internships.
 At the department 10 applicants of higher education are conducting scientific research as part of their postgraduate training for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
The main areas of scientific research of the department are determined by the departmental research work.
The department provides fundamental theoretical and practical training of specialists capable of solving practical problems and complex specialized tasks in the field of management of the organization and its divisions.
For the period 2014-2022, the teachers of the department published more than 300 scientific articles included in professional editions, including 53 – in publications included in science-based databases, including Scopus and Web of Science, 26 monographs, 37 textbooks.
The economic well-being of the country in the future depends on the level of education of students. Therefore, the department constantly cooperates within the framework of various projects, meetings with representatives of agrarian business, which teach the young generation critical thinking and the ability to make management decisions, as well as modern trends in the combination of education, science and business.



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