Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

Address: 03041, Kyiv, General Rodimtsev str., 19, bilding 1, room. 34.

Tel.: +38 (044) 527-82-58; 527-85-56

Dean of Faculty:
Ruslan Kononenko

Сandidate of Veterinary Science, Associate Professor


 Educational and Research Institute of Livestock Science and Water Bioresources consists of 2 faculties: Faculty of Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology and Faculty of Fisheries, and

6 educational and scientific centers (ESC) for :
1. animal genetics and selection,
2. dairy and beef cattle breeding,
3. pig and sheep breeding,
4. poultry breeding technologies, standardization and certification,
5. aquatic bioresources,
scientific and research institute of animal and fish products quality and manufacturing technologies; 10 departments, 6 technological and 20 educational laboratories.
A primary objective of institute is training of specialists in the field of stock-raising (technologists) and fish-farming (ichthyologists and fish-breeders), carrying of scientific activities, introduction of scientific inventions into production, realization of informative and advisory activity, provision of economic activity.
Activity of Education and Research Institute of Livestock Science and Water Bioresources is related to training of highly-qualified personals of "Bachelor" and “Master" qualification level for stock-raising, fish-farming and processing industry, as well as candidates and doctors of sciences, carrying of scientific research in priority directions of animal and fish products manufacturing and processing, introduction of scientific inventions and best practices into production, maintaining international activities, education of students and employees, provision of administrative and economic activities.
Preparation of highly-qualified specialists of "Bachelor" and “Master" is conducted in the following specialties "Animal products manufacturing and processing technology " and "Water bioresources and aquaculture", as well as education in other courses, including veterinary medicine, economic, agronomical, engineering and forest specialization, which are also taught at the University.

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