Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

Scientific, Research and Innovation work

The research activity of the Education and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources is coordinated by the Research Institute for Technologies and Quality of Animal and Fish Products.
It is astructural subdivision of the Education and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources of the National university of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NUBiP of Ukraine), founded according to the Order No. 281 of the Rector of NAU of Ukraine of June 29, 2001, on the basis of the Decision No. 9 of the Academic Board of NAU of Ukraine of June 26, 2001, under the auspices of problem research subdivisions and educational, scientific and research laboratories of the Educational and Research Institute, for the purpose of concentrating efforts on solving important scientific problems and implementation of innovative activities.
Priority directions of scientific research of the Research Institute of Technologies and Quality of Animal and Fish Products in the short term perspective include:
·   creation of new breeds, types and lines of milk and meat cattle, poultry and bees, and improvement of the existing ones;
·   creation of fundamentally new technologies of preserving generative cells and embryos of main species of farm animals;
·   improvement of pork, mutton and rabbit meat production technologies due to energy- and resource-saving approaches to business;
·   improvement of animal products manufacturing technologies in polluted areas;
·   development of up-to-date technologies of production of a new generation of mineral foods additives and improvement of biotechnological methods of obtaining bioactive substances;
·   theoretical and experimental justification of animals feeding methods for stimulation of their productivity, regulation of metabolic processes and increase of biological value of animal products;
·   improvement of methods of recreation and breeding of Shetland pony;
·   development of projects justifying the use of water resources for the purpose of fish-farming;
·   estimation of piscifauna state in inland water reservoirs and elaboration of effective methods of recreation and industrial use of valuable fish species;
·   cultivation of ornamental fishes in artificial aquasystems with the elements of planning and aquadesign;
·   creation of functional food with the use of sea aquaculture objects and apiculture products.
The problem research laboratory of forage additives is founded on the base of the department of animals feeding and forage technology, named after P. D. Pshenychniy, in order to carry out basic, applied and analytical research concerning elaboration and use of forage materials for feeding farm animals, manufacturing high-quality animal products, necessity of control of quality and safety of forage materials according to existing national and international standards.
Basic scientific activities are targeted at solving problems of stable growing of young stock and stimulation of animals functions such as feeding, metabolism, age variability of economic traits due to different levels of animals feeding, study of chemical composition and food value of forage and agricultural raw material processing wastes, effective methods of their use, development of new forage additives, improvement of animals feeding standards. The above mentioned scientific activities of the laboratory are implemented due to availability of its own vivarium (chickens, quails, ducks, and rabbits) and analytical laboratory, equipped with up-to-date devices for forage analysis, manufactured by companies "Gerhardt" (Germany) and "Velp Scientifica" (Italy), allowing to carry out identification according to Weende and Van Soest analysis.
Present developments, executed by laboratory scientists include: Recommendations for feeding of circus animals; the Programs of feeding of laying hens to receive eating eggs with increased nutritional quality; the effective use of polymineral feed additive "MINEROL" in feeding of laying hens; the effective use of liquid bioactive feed additive "RIVERM" in feeding of quail growing stock; experimentally proved standards of feeding of egg- and meat-type quails, rabbits for meat and fur production, improved norms of protein and amino acids for ducks and broiler chickens.
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