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Address of Admission Board of the NUBiP of Ukraine
19 Heneral Rodimtsev Str., (academic building No. 1), Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine
tel.: (044) 258-42-63,  527-83-08
Layout of the University
Address of faculty
19 Heneral Rodimtsev Str., (academic building No. 1), Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine
tel. +38 (044) 527-83-95 (full-time department)
tel. +38 (044) 527-87-49 (part-time department)
The faculty of Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology the National University of Bioresources, Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine originates from the Department of General Livestock sciences of Agricultural Division of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, created in 1898 in Kyiv.
In March of 1925 the Agricultural Institute was completely separated from the Polytechnic Institute and became an independent education facility. In 1930 an independent Kyiv Zootechnic Institute was founded on the base of the Kyiv Veterinary and Zootechnic Institute  and situated in a newly built academic building in Holosievo (nowadays this is the third educational building). In 1934 Zootechnic Institute was relocated to the city of Dnipropetrovsk and later to Kamyanets-Podylskyi. The faculty was re-established under the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy in 1957. In 1974 it was renamed into the Zooengineering Faculty, and in 2004 – into the Faculty of Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology.
Through the years a faculty was headed by the professors М. A. Kravchenko (1957-1958), К.B. Svechyn (1958-1960), М. М. Коlesnyk (1960-1964), Associate Professors А.М. Zhadan (1964-1966), М. D. Моsolov (1966-1970), Professors М. S. Borsch (1970-1973), H.Т. Кlitsenko (1973-1981), Associate Professor А.І. Vertiychuk (1981-1986), Professors B.М. Hopka (1986-1997), М.О. Zakharenko (1997-2001), Associate Professor Y.V. Zasukha (2001-2005), Professor M. Y. Sychov (since 2005).
Educational and qualification level of "Bachelor"
Major: 6.090102 – animal products manufacturing and processing technology
The licensed volume of specialists, prepared in full-time and part-time modes attendance, constitutes125 persons.
Mode of attendance: full-time, part-time, external studies.
Duration of studies is 3 years and 10 months (full-time) and 4 years and 6 months (part-time).
For the graduates of educational facilities of the 1-2 levels of accreditation (colleges) there is the program of accelerated education with duration of 1 year and 10 months (full-time) and 2 years and 6 months (part-time).
The curricula of faculty were approved by teachers of the stock-raising faculty of the Agrarian College of the Iowa University (USA), faculties of agriculture and horticulture of the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany).
The faculty collaborates with multiple leading European and US higher educational establishments, namely: the World Association for Animal Production, European Association for Animal Production, the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, the European Association of Cynology (Belgium), К.А. Timiryaziev Moscow Agricultural Academy (Russia), Institute of the Beef Cattle Breeding (Russia), Institute of Stock-Raising (Belarus), Astrakhan State Technical University, Institute of Beekeeping (the city of Rybne, Ryazan region, Russia), Bashkir State Agrarian University, Austrian Institute of Beekeeping, Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra (Slovakia), Information  Institute of the Beijing Academy Of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (China), Department of Beekeeping under the Institute of Horticulture and Floriculture (Poland, Pulawy), International Federation of Beekeepers ("Apimondia"), International Bee Research Association (Great Britain), All-Russian Research Institute of Horse-breeding (Russia), Syria stud farm (Кrakow, Poland), Ghent University (Belgium), Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany), Iowa University and Louisiana University (USA).
Educational and qualification level of “Master"
Major: 8.09010201 – Animal products manufacturing and processing technology
Mode of attendance: full-time, part-time, external studies.
The licensed volume of specialists, prepared in full-time and part-time modes attendance, constitutes125 persons.
Duration of studies - 1,5 years (full-time), 2 years (part-time).
Master's degree programs of industrial specialization:
         - animal genetic resources;
         - horse-breeding and horse-keeping;
         - diary cattle breeding;
         - beekeeping;
         - industrial fur-farming;
         - pork production and processing;
         - sheep and goat production and processing;
         - poultry farming;
         - feeding of animals;
         - storage technology;
         - cynology (part-time mode of attendance on contractual basis)
Master's degree programs of research specialization:
         - animal breeding and selection;
         - animal genetics;
         - biotechnology;
         - animal products manufacturing technology;
         - animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation;
         - animal nutrition and forage manufacturing technology
Master's degree programs of specific categories:
8.000007 "Administrative management"
8.000001 "Quality, standardization and certification"
8.000005 "Pedagogics in higher school"
Graduating students of education and qualification level "Bachelor" have an opportunity to continue their studies after the following master's degree programs of specific categories:
06.02.01 animal breeding and selection
06.02.02 feeding of animals and forage manufacturing technology
06.02.04 animal products manufacturing technology
16.00.06 animal hygiene and veterinary sanitation
03.00.15 genetics
03.00.20 biotechnology

address of web site www.rgf.kiev.ua


 Adress of faculty
street of General Rodimtzev, 19 (educational corps №, room 81-82), Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine
tel. +38 (044) 527-85-56 (daily department)
tel. +38 (044) 527-85-56 (in absentia department)
In 1996 National Agrarian University created Department of Fish Farming which imparted students with the possibility to major in "Ichthyology and Fish Farming".
Starting from 1999 the department developed a curriculum for students who study "Aquatic bioresources". In June 2001 Faculty of Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture was created on the base of three departments: department of production and processing of aquaculture products, department of hydrobiology and ichthyology, and department of zoology.
The faculty is a part of Education and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources. Three departments of the faculty formed education, research and production centre of aquatic bioresources that deals with hydro ecological problems of continental reservoirs.
Staff of the departments of the faculty includes 3 professors, 13 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers and 3 assistants, among them a corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine M.Yu. Evtushenko, Professor N.I. Vovk, Professor V.V. Serebryakov, Professor I.I. Gryzynyak.
The faculty offers students two courses aimed at achieving either Bachelor or Master degree. Over 400 students currently study at the faculty. Students majoring in "Aquatic bioresources and aquaculture" are being taught by experienced and skilled team of teachers of department of general zoology and ichthyology and department of aquaculture and hydrobiology. During the first three years, students study obligatory humanitarian and professionally oriented disciplines concerned with aquaculture and resources study.
Starting from the third year of studies, students are being offered to choose among number of up-to-date disciplines. During the 4th and the 5th years of studies but for professionally oriented and management disciplines students also study speciality disciplines and a foreign language. Considerable attention is being paid to research activities. Results of research and innovative technologies in fish farming are included into educational process. University students achieve theoretical and practical education in modern well-equipped laboratories, computer classes, and also have possibility to have practical classes on leading fish farming enterprises, such as "Kyyivrybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company, "Irkliivsky ryborozplidnyk" State Enterprise, "Ukrryba" State Enterprise, "Velykyy Lubin" State Enterprise,  "Hmelnytskrybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company,  "Aquarium Technologies" Private Enterpreneur, "Sumyrybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company,  "Hersonrybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company, "Olshanka" Joint Stock Company , "Rybaky Khersonu" Lease Fisheries Cooperative, "Poltavarybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company, "Nyvka" Fish-farming Company of Institute of Fish Farming of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, "Chernihivrybhosp" Public Joint Stock Company and others.
Students conduct research at Institute of Hydrobiology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Fish Farming of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, and “Ukrrybproekt” Institute of Ukrainian State Committee of Fish Farming of Ukraine.
Main tasks of educational process are as following:
-       study of formation patters of aquatic bioresources on global, regional and local levels;
-       mastering of scientifically based approaches to conservation, restoration and permanent use of aquatic biological resources;
-       study of scientific basis for growing fish and other aquatic animals under control;
-       mastering of scientific basis for growing fish and other aquatic animals under control.
The curriculum includes three areas of studies:
-       social and humanitarian sciences;
-       natural sciences;
-       disciplines of professional and practical training.
Educational process is provided by 55 staff members. 25 departments, 8 educational laboratories and education and research fish farm which is the part of the separated subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine "Nemishaevo agrotechnical college" conduct educational process at the faculty. It gives the possibility to acquire considerable knowledge and learn methods and techniques of fish farming and breeding of aquatic invertebrates. Knowledge of production technologies and marketing allows students to become highly skilled workers at any enterprise.
Subjects of scientific research of teaching stuff and graduate students of Faculty of Fish Farming are aimed at the development of theoretical bases for biological monitoring of reservoirs for fish keeping, investigation of ichthyological fauna of reservoirs, investigation of physiological adaptation of fishes to aquatic environment under human influence. The stuff of the faculty participate in the international scientific and practical conferences, publish scientific works, prepare manuals and monographs, take part in the activities of scientific methodical commission for fish farming and aquaculture of  Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, conduct training of young scientists.
Faculty of Fish Farming actively participates in international activities. Achievements are as following:
-       cooperation agreement with the Astrakhan State Technical University (Astrakhan, Russia) and the Lycée Louis Pasteur (France);
-       participation in the international scientific workshops and conferences;
-       membership and cooperation with the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central-Eastern Europe (NACEE).
Cultural activities involve participation in the Day of Knowledge concerts, Victory Day concerts, contest “Miss Education and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources”, Valentine's Day concerts, international festival "Golosiyivska Vesna", “KVK” contests.
Sport education includes basketball, football, volleyball, athletics, wrestling, shaping, aerobics, chess, table tennis, etc.
Excursions include visiting museums, monuments of culture and exhibitions of achievements of national economy.


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