Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

Educational work

Main directions of activity of the Educational and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources include support of academic activities for preparation of specialists of Bachelor educational and qualification level in the following courses: 6.090102 "Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology ", 0917 "Food technologies and engineering" (Specialties: Meat storage, preserving and processing technology; and Fish and sea products storage, preserving and processing technology) and 6.090201 "Water bioresources and aquaculture"; as well as specialists of other programs and specialties.
Educational process at the Educational and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources is implemented by 4 academicians of UAAS, 1 corresponding member of NAS , 2 corresponding members of UAAS, 13 doctors of sciences, professors and 53 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 5 assistants.
After receiving basic higher education ( Bachelor degree), students have an opportunity to continue their education in certain courses according to new professional and research programs for training Master degree specialists.
Master’s training in the course 8.130201 - "Animal Products Manufacturing and Processing Technology" is provided under the following master’s programs (specialties) :
Industrial directions:
· animal genetic resources;
· feeding of animals;
· poultry farming;
· diary stock farming;
· beef stock farming;
· horse-breeding;
· beekeeping;
· cynology;
· hog products manufacturing and processing;
· fur-farmning;
· sheep and goat products manufacturing and processing;
· petfood manufacturing technology;
· fish-flur manufacturing technology.
Research directions:
· animal breeding and selection;
· animal nutrition and forage manufacturing technology;
· animal products manufacturing technology (by animal species);
· animal genetics;
· reproduction of animals;
· animal hygiene.
Course 8.130301 - "Water bioresources" includes the following master's training programs (specialties):
· artificial breeding of aquatic organisms;
· protection and sustainable use of hydrobioresources;
· ornamental aquaculture;
· fish-farming in inland water reservoirs;
· sturgeon breeding;
· trout breeding.
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