Faculty of Livestock Raising and Water Bioresources

Research Institute of Technology and Quality of Animal Products


Address: 03041, Kyiv, Heroyiv Oborony str., 12b, Building 7a, Room 201.

Tel.: (044) 527-88-59.

E-mail: [email protected]


Head of the Research Institute:
Ivan P. Chumachenko
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,
Associate Professor




The Research Institute of Technologies and Quality of Animal and Fish Products is a structural subdivision of the Education and Research Institute of Live Stock Science and Water Bioresources of the National university of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES of Ukraine), founded according to the Order No. 281 of the Rector of NAU of Ukraine of June 29, 2001, on the basis of the Decision No. 9 of the Academic Board of NAU of Ukraine of June 26, 2001, under the auspices of problem research subdivisions and educational, scientific and research laboratories of the Educational and Research Institute, for the purpose of concentrating efforts on solving important scientific problems and implementation of innovative activities.



Structure of the Research Institute



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