Department of International Relations and Social Sciences

Адреса: 1 General Rodimtsev Street, Kyiv 03041 Ukraine Academic building No.1, office 54, 55, 56

Тел.: + 38 (044) 527-81-71

Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Head of the Department (в.о.):
Victoria KHVIST

PhD in Historical Sciences, Docent


 General information

The Department was established by the decision of the University Scientific Council dated  01.09.2010, after the reorganization of the structure of the Education and Research Institute of Natural Sciences and the Humanities.
 The department of History of Ukraine was headed by noted scholars professors: V.I.Yurchuk, L.Yu. Berenshtein, H.P. Myhryn, S.S. Kolomiets. The department of political science and sociology was headed by I.R. Bairak, A.M. Cherniy, S. O. Bilan.  At present the department is headed by professor Vasyl Strilets, DLitt in History, PhD in Law, Professor


 Keeping an eye on the pulse of life, the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences successfully copes with a number of tasks set before it both by the University and the educational process itself, which has recently been extremely dynamic and requires considerable skill and effort from the teacher to leave. him in the foot.

 In particular, highly qualified scientific and pedagogical workers, who successfully apply their knowledge not only in preparation for classes with students, but also directly in practice, implementing various projects, form, test and improve the educational base for training specialists in international relations, as well as tourism and journalism.

Lecturers of department, at the same time, provide at a high scientific and educational level not only the process of teaching a number of social sciences and humanities at the University, but also contribute to maintaining the spirit of "classicism" in NULES of Ukraine, caring for the general level of development of young citizens. After all, before each of us is an expert in one or another field of production or creative activity, we must remember that we are people, citizens, individuals, and therefore act accordingly.

Also, the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences is constantly and persistently working to enrich new facts in the annals of the University, expanding the horizons of its historical past in dates, events and prominent personalities. Therefore, having historical material, the members of the department involve in the glorious past and present of the University both students and research and teaching staff of the institution, and the general public.
On the other hand, their achievements in the field of science, education, public and educational activities, literary art create the history of today NULES of Ukraine - make a feasible, but important and integral part of the book of life of the University.
 Finally, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department with their activities, achievements in science, education and public life contribute to building a positive image and recognition of both the Faculty of Humanities and Education and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences in general. 
Possessing high scientific and intellectual potential and powerful human resources, the staff of the department provides students with professional knowledge in educational subjects related to the cycle "International Relations", as well as basic knowledge of the courses: "History of Ukrainian statehood", "History of Ukrainian culture", " Political Science ”,“ Sociology ”,“ Demography ”,“ Social Youth Policy of Ukraine ”,“ Social and Humanitarian Policy ”and“ Political Science Aspects of Public Administration ”for students of“ Bachelor ”and“ Master ”degrees of all forms of education in Ukrainian and English. Lectures and seminars are organized in accordance with the latest models and achievements in the field of domestic and foreign education. In particular, it is about directly involving the student in dialogue and stimulating him to solve heuristic problems, maintaining an atmosphere of trust and communicative tolerance, the use of various means of visualization and appeal to real-life examples.
 The staff of the department has a strong scientific and pedagogical potential, as well as marked by notable scientific, creative, educational achievements. Modern educational programs in the field of social and humanitarian knowledge, the latest developments and results of scientific research are brought to the attention of the student community by 24 scientific and pedagogical workers, including 6 doctors and 15 candidates of sciences; 6 professors, 15 associate professors.


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