Interest in the specialty "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies" is growing

20 липня 2021 року
Today, new entrants who want to study in the specialty "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies" visited the university.
We asked why they choose NULES of Ukraine and this specialty.
Pikulina Maryna Dmytrivna:
- I am a sociable person, so it was important for me to choose a specialty that would involve communication with people. At first I wanted to try myself in journalism, but over time I realized that I like international relations more and have better prospects in the future. Learning foreign languages ​​was also a very important point. I learned about NULES from my classmate. I really want to realize myself, find connections, make new acquaintances and benefit society.
Chulakova Anastasia Oleksandrivna:
- I chose this specialty because I want to be an international specialist, I have been interested in it for a long time. Why this university? Because it is the best in Kyiv, he gives a lot of opportunities.
Thank you, girls, for the frank and sincere answers
and to new meetings already in the auditoriums of the university! 

Bohdan Hrushetskyi,
associate professor of the Departmnent of International Relations and Social Sciences


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