Department of hygiene and sanitation named after A.K. Skorokhodko


Department staff work closely and provide expert scientific and methodological assistance to some agriculturalbusinesses in Ukraine:

LLC "Ukrainian milk company";

Agroholding "MyronivskyKhliboprodukt ";

“Velykosnytinske Education and Research Farm named after O. Muzychenka”;

LLC "Ruby Rose Agricole Co., Ltd "(trade brand "Morozivski chickens");

Farm "Povit-Agro" (v. Lyudvynivka, Bilotserkivskyi district);

LLC "Biomin-Ukraine";

SE "Alltech - Ukraine ", Kyiv;

«Pfizer» - US company and others.

Areas of Cooperation:

Development of modern biotechnology processing and recycling for livestock enterprises.

Biotechnology of colored and colorless carotenoids;

The use of microbial synthesis of carotenoids in veterinary medicine.

Optimization of impact of critical environmental factors on highly lactating cows and their performance.

Introduction of modern sources of micronutrients -chelate compounds.

Development of modern methods of rehabilitation livestock buildings using nanotechnology.

Providing services for disinfection, disinfestation and deratizationof livestock objects of scientific, industrial and private businesses. 

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