Jean Monnet Academic Module "Integration EU One Health framework and policies in Ukraine" (101048229 — EU4OH — ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH)

 The Covid-19 pandemic reviled the importance of One Health (OH) approach beyond the limited antimicrobial resistance (AMR) framework. The OH concept recognizes that human health is tightly connected to the health of animals and the environment. The importance of this approach is reinforced in the EU by the formation of a consortium of 41 European laboratories and research centers, distributed in 19 participating European member states. Above mentioned demonstrates the concern of the EU on OH issues and shows that the EU is a leader in addressing these aspects. Promoting OH and sustainability is the top of five priorities of recently accepted Federation of Veterinarians of Europe Strategy 2021-2025. The objective of this project isto organize a new course on EU OH framework and policies. This module aims to promote understanding of the key elements of the OH approach of the EU. The course will have an added value from the point of developing and modernizing the curricula and understanding the role of the EU as a best practice region in OH policy, and providing students with relevant knowledge for the sustainable global future. The activities will facilitate future engagement in EU OH framework and understanding of theories and general notions about OH concept through the transfer of information and expertise to the involved and interested parties. It can strengthen the role of NULES in initiating research and development on actual and strategic questions of EU OH approach for the local and global sustainability, and extend the scope of EU studies within the university. The extension of the number of students will be achieved through involving, besides veterinarians, researchers, experts, policy-makers, stakeholders, secondary school teachers in open events: summer schools, webinars and conferences with round tables. Participation of European expert from OH research consortium will allow for dissemination best practice in Ukraine. 

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