The one health topic within the priorities of Ukrainian youth

November 29, 2023

 One health has many dimensions, so everyone can find their place.

But how important it is when modern young people promote the idea of one health. This was the topic of a meeting between project expert Olena Kuzminska and teachers and students of the Kyiv lyceum "Scientific Change".
Olena emphasized the support from the EU and demonstrated the developments created by students of the Faculty of Information Technology as part of their involvement in the project, as the issue of universal health is a priority!
The students of the 11th math class showed a special interest in the diploma project of Studigrad Ilya on the topic: "Information system for supporting Ukrainians traveling with pets" ( That is why the discussion and testing of the system continued in a narrow circle.

Moreover, as a result of the meeting, an online meeting with the developer was planned and held, where students could ask about the technologies and features of the software product, and teachers (biology teachers joined the interested parties) were more interested in the treatment and transportation requirements for pets from the perspective of One Health approaches.


Professor, project expert Olena Kuzminska.



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