Participation in the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Future

25 травня 2022 року

 Representatives of the Department of Veterinary Hygiene Maria Galaburda and Valeria Justinyuk together with other participants of the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Module "Integration of EU One Health Framework and Policies in Ukraine (101048229-OH4EU)" reported the results of research carried out as part of the project at the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Future, which takes place on May 24-27 in Kryvyi Rih.

The International Conference on Sustainable Futures: Environmental, Technological, Social and Economic Matters (ICSF) is a peer-reviewed international conference, which is the premier interdisciplinary forum for social scientists, life scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications. The ICSF occupies contributions in all aspects of sustainable development, focused on the intersection of sustainability, environment and technology, and their larger implications for corporations, government, education institutions, regions and society both at present and in the future.

Topics of interest cover: Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering; Governance, Legislation and Policy for Sustainability; Measuring, Forecasting and Monitoring Sustainability; Sustainable Building and Architecture; Sustainable Cities and Society; Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Environment and Environmental Management; Sustainable Materials and Technologies; Sustainable Mining; Sustainable Transport.


A report on "Awareness of antibiotic resistance for environmental health and sustainable development: a cross-sectional study" was presented on May 25 in the Sustainable Environment and Environmental Management sesion.
The story presents a systematic review of the literature and a cross-sectional study to assess awareness and attitudes towards antimicrobial resistance among students of Ukrainian veterinary and medical universities and demonstrates the relationship between the problem of antibiotic resistance and the Sustainable Development Goals. The knowledge and attitude of students to the use of antibiotics and the development of antimicrobial resistance are also highlighted. A slightly lower level of awareness among veterinary students highlights the need for additional training on the use of antimicrobials and their impact on the environment, in particular in the framework of the "One Health" approach.

Awareness of antibiotic resistance for the environmental health and sustainable development: a cross-sectional study
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