The webinar "Planning a trip with pets from A to Z" was held within EU4OH project

30 June 2023, 13:19
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (online)
On June 29, 2023, within the framework of the European Union Erasmus+ project Jean Monnet Module "Integration EU One Health Policy and Framework in Ukraine" (101048229 - EU4OH - ERASMUS-JMO-2021-FDI-TCH-RSCH), the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine organized and conducted a webinar on "Planning a trip with pets from A to Z".
The purpose of the event was to provide reliable information on the requirements and rules for preparing documents for the non-commercial export of pets abroad. The event was held online.
During the webinar, the Head of the State Border Control Department of the State Production and Consumer Service, Ihor Lotskin, informed the participants about the current requirements for the non-commercial movement of animals outside of Ukraine and the algorithm of actions in preparing for the transportation of animals abroad in view of the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the European Union and Ukraine.
The information provided by Igor Mykolayovych aroused considerable interest among the audience, and certain aspects of the legal requirements were clarified during the questions and answers session.
In the second part of the webinar, Kateryna Dziuba, a veterinarian at the Vet.generation veterinary clinic, told the participants about the practical aspects of preparing an animal for transportation.
The presenter highlighted the main stages of preparing for a trip, particularly: how to prepare a pet for a trip, what products should be in the first aid kit, and how to calculate the need for food and water.
The participants learned how to act in an emergency situation in order to provide first aid to a pet. 
 The recording of the webinar is available at the link
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Maria Galaburda
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