Department of hygiene and sanitation named after A.K. Skorokhodko


The studying disciplines of the department:

For"Bachelor" level, direction "Manufacturing and processing of livestock products"
1. Ecology.
2. Hygiene animals.
3. Design and construction of livestock facilities.
4. Prevention of animal diseases.

For "Bachelor" level, direction "Veterinary Medicine"
5.Veterinary Sanitation and Hygiene.
For "Bachelor" level, direction "Quality, standardization and certification"
6.Hygiene of food and foodstuffs.

For "Bachelor" level, direction "Technology of meat processing, technology of fish processing"
7.Problems of food safety.
8. Principles of Food Hygiene and Physiology.
9. Physical and chemical and biochemical fundamentals of meat.

For "Bachelor" level, direction "Transport technologies"
10. Hygiene and features transporting livestock production (TRT).
For "Bachelor" level, direction "Water Bioresources and Aquaculture"
11.Sanitation and hygiene in fish culture.
12. The livestock farming.

For "Master" level, direction "Manufacturing and processing of animal products"
13.Biological productivity of animals.
14. Research methods in livestock.
15. Animal Ethology.

For "Master" level, direction "Transport technology"
16. Sanitation and Hygiene vehicles.

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