A.K. Skorokhodko Department of Hygiene and Sanitation

Educational work

Staff of the department during all periods of the published 8 books, 24 textbooks, 4 workshops, 2 dictionaries, 14 monographs, more than 1,300 scientific papers and received more than 90 patents. The department prepared 4 Doctors and 19 PhD of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.
Staff of the department participated in the development of state educational standards of Ukraine for a number of areas and specialties, which is studying in NULES of Ukraine. Employees of the department developed and introduced into studying process on "Master" level - veterinarians and technicians for the production and processing of animal products, 14 new courses, including the new SMC materials for the organization of educational and industrial practices, preparation of master works. Was created a number of new studying laboratories.
Staff of the department has trained specialists on two Master's degree programs in the specialty 8.11010101 "Veterinary medicine (by type)":
Veterinary hygiene and sanitation;
Veterinary service of fish culture.
The department is training highly qualified specialists - doctors of sciences and PhDin specialty 16.00.06 - "Hygiene of Animalsand Veterinary Sanitation" (veterinary and agricultural sciences).

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