Department of pharmacology and тoxicology

Address: 03127, Kyiv, Potehin str.16, building № 12

Tel.: (044) 527-80-29, 527-89-77

E-mail: [email protected]


Head of department:
Volodymyr B. Duhnytsky

The Excellent Teacher of Ukraine, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor


Since the existence in 1922 and until 1948 pharmacology was held by medical pharmacologists. In 1923-1924 the coarse of pharmacology was taught by professor S.Y. Yaroslav, and then by professors G.L. Shkavera, P.V. Rodionov and M.P. Vashetko.
The heads of the department in different years were professor M.P. Vashetko and S.V. Bazhenov. From 1979 and until 2006 the head of department was academic of NAAS of Ukraine, doctor of veterinary sciences, professor G.O. Khmelnytskiy. From 2006 until 2010 the acting head of department was M.F. Panko. Since 1012 the head of department is professor V.B. Dukhnytskiy.
The academic staff of department published more than 850 scientific articles, 18 textbooks and tutorials, 16 monographs, 31 manual, 10 directories, received 19 copyright certificates on patents.
The department includes Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, academic od NAAS of Ukraine, doctor of veterinary sciences, professor G.O. Khmelnytskiy, professors V.B. Dukhnytskiy, P.I. Sereda, associated professors G.V. Boyko, V.D. Ischenko, O.K. Galchinska, І.М. Derkach, Y.V. Palyca.
The academic staff has done and defended 4 doctor and 23 PhD dissertation.
Collective is successfully working with a great amount of investigation institutes of Ukraine.
Scientific work of the department is directed to investigate the toxicology of nitrogen compounds, mycotoxicosis of animals and pharmacological properties of new anti-inflammatory medical products.

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