Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy


Collection of student papers in the materials of the scientific and methodological seminar "Ukraine: yesterday, today, tomorrow" (April 5, 2018)
Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference "Communicative Discourse: Scientific Reception and Translation Stylistics" (15-16.03.2018)
Scientific and practical student conference "Pedagogical heritage of A.S. Makarenko "(14.03.2018)
Collection of student scientific papers in the materials of the Round table "Symbolic policy of modern Ukraine through the eyes of students" (30.11.2017)
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ukraine - Germany: Horizons of Education and Culture" (23-24.11.2017)
International scientific and practical conference "Human, Society, State in Philosophical Discourse: History and Present" (celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Department of Philosophy of NUBiP of Ukraine) (18-19.05.2017)
Collection of materials of the 71st student scientific conference "Modern Humanitarian Science in the Interpretation of Young Researchers" (April 27, 2017)
“The 22nd Annual National IATEFL Ukraine Conference” (1.04. 2017)
The 2nd international scientific-practical student conference "The world of languages and the languages of the world" (21.03.2017)
The International scientific-practical conference "Ukraine-Poland: strategic partnership in the system of geopolitical coordinates" (16-17.03.2017)
The International scientific-practical conference "Development of modern education: theory, practice, innovations" (23-24.02.2017)
The 7th international scientific-practical conference "Dialogue of cultures: Ukraine – Greece: the cultural politics of the XXI century in the European retrospective" (22.09.2016)
The International scientific-practical conference "The phenomenon of Mykhajlo Hrushevsky as a statesman and scientist" (19.05.2016)
The 70-th student scientific conference "The modern humanitarian science in the interpretation of young researchers" (17.05.2016)
The national scientific-practical conference "The communicative discourse: scientific reception and research strategies" (7.04.2016)

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