Student Organisation and Trade Union Organisation of Students

Student organization is a volunteering unity of bodies of student self-governance of separate subdivisions of the university, bodies of student governance of faculties of the university, clubs and interest centers, consultancy agency of Rector’s office of the university. The purpose of Student Organisation is to involve the youth into public meaningful activities. The principles of student organization are volunteering, self-governance, legacy, and integrity. Student organization does not depend on political, religious, or non-profit communities of organizations.

Savchenko Valentyn Mykolayovych
Head of Student Organization of the Faculty

Savchenko Valentyn Mykolayovych is a head of Student Organization of Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy. He was elected in 2015, when Valentyn entered National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. First he was head interim and later was selected head. When he was a first-year-of-study student, he was in charge of internal arrangements of the dormitory. Many a time he took part in university contests such as Holosiivska spring and Song battles. Together with his academic group he became winners of these competitions. Valentyn is a member of Scientific Council of the Faculty. Valentyn Savchenko is a fourth-year-of-study student of SP-1502 of specialty «Social Pedagogy».

Vice head 

Artemchuk Yelyzaveta 



Vice head 

Abakumov Bohdan 


  Ivashchuk Maksym 



Culture Department 

  Revenko Oleksandra (head)

  Ivashchuk Maksym
  OStiak Mariana 
  Mykoliuk Anastasia (vice head)
  Abakumov Bohdan
  Polishchuk Aliona 
  Demianenko Anna





 Sport department 

  Marharyta Hulian (head)

  Lytiuk Adriana (vice head)








Science department

Petrushenko Hrystyna (head)











  Babak Daria (vice head)
  Neifeld Maksym
  Rudenko Viktoriia











Social department 

  Petrushenko Hrystyna (head)
  Provodion Daria (vice head)











  Vladimirova Daria 

  Vorobei Yuliia
  Sokolova Anna
  Rudenko Anna






 Media department

  Chyruk Alina (head)

  Rudenko Viktoriia (vice-head)










  Ткачук Катерина

  Лякір Катерина

  Зальвовська Вікторія

  Русин Ярослав






Trade Unions Organisation

 Zakatei Yuliia Viktorivna,

 a fourth-year-of-study student,

 specialty «Linguistics»,

 a member of Scientific Council of Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy,

 an excellence in her studies,









 Bondar Ruslana Oleksandrivna,

 a fourth-year-of-study student,













 Motenko Nataliia Serhiivna,

 a second-year-of-study student,












  member of Trade Unions Organisation, 

  responsible for public transport tickets:

  Shakun Nataliia Andriivna,

  a specialist of Dean’s office


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