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   Shcherbak Olha Ivanivna
Doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, corresponding member of NAPS of Ukraine, head of Kyiv professional and pedagogical college named after Anton Makarenko, holder of the titles teacher of the highest degree, teacher-methodist, Excellence in Public Education of Ukrainian SSR, Honored Worker of National Education of Ukraine, holder of Order of Princess Olga of III degree, Honorary Worker of Tourism of Ukraine.
О.І. Shcherbak is a well-known pedagogue and scientist in Ukraine. She has made a great contribution in research of the problem of professional pedagogy and training educator for professional school.
Her research school substantiated conceptual approaches to training pedagogical specialists within the system of multi-level education, implemented innovation technologies in the practice of professional and technical schools, developed and realized the concept of professional and pedagogical college as a higher educational establishment of the II accreditation level. The scholar has partaken in the development of the Concept of the development of professional and technical (professional) education in Ukraine. She is a supervisor of five candidates of sciences.
О.І. Shcherbak is the author of more than 150 published works in theory and methodology of professional education. She is a member of editing boards of such journals as «Professional and technical education», «Education: technical schools, colleges», a member of Inter-branch Council for Vocational Education, head of the Board of the Association «Ukrainian National Center for Training Centers "Central"», head of the Board of Directors of Professional, and Industrial and Pedagogical Institutions of the I-II Accreditation Levels, head of the Ukrainian Center for Analytical Center for Vocational Education «National Observatory ».

  Ishchenko Tetian Demianivna
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor
Head interim of state enterprise "Scientific and methodical center for information and analytical support of the activities of higher educational establishments "Agroosvita".
T. I. Ishchenko is awarded with Excellence in agrarian education and science» of III level, labour award of Ministry of Agropolicy of Ukraine «Sign of Honor», Certificate of Honor of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Tetiana Demianivna is a holder of Honorary Worker of Education of Ukraine.
T. Ishchenko studies the impact of innovation approaches to form professional and practical competencies of specialists of technological specialties in agrarian higher educational establishments; monitoring of specialist competencies using independent distance evaluation and the improvement of the methods of creating tests base.
T. I. Ishchenko is an author and co-author of more than 174 scientific, and scientific and methodical works, including 2 monographs, 9 textbooks approved by Ministry of education of Ukraine.

Olha Hordiienko, head of Separate Subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Bobrovytsya College of Economics and Management named after O. Mainova »

Vasyl Dmytryshyn, head of Stryi agrarian college, affiliate of Lviv National Agrarian University

Serhii Kropyvko, head of Separated Subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources»

Vasyl Lukach, head of Separated Subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute»

Alla Novak, head of SEE of Kyiv Highest Regional Professional School of Construction


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