Faculty of Information Technologies

Address: 16a Heroyiv Oborony St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03041

Tel.: (044) 527-83-51, 527-87-24, 527-87-25

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Elena Glazunova

Ph. D. in pedagogics, professor


Thus, the faculty combines economic analytical capabilities with purely engineering, precise and technical approaches to solving professional problems.
Scientific and pedagogical staff and students of the faculty actively collaborate with the regional higher educational institutions of the NUBiP of Ukraine of the I-III accreditation levels, which train the junior specialists in the fields of "Maintenance of computer systems and networks" and "Maintenance of software systems and complexes", "Software development".
The introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies, support of cultural and scientific traditions - all this allows the faculty to constantly expand the material and information base, diversify leisure activities of students and conduct serious scientific and educational work.

Classes for students are held in modern classrooms equipped with multimedia and computer equipment. Students have the opportunity to study at the Microsoft Imagine Academy, Cisco Academy, the 1C Center, which functions on the basis of the Faculty, as well as to use in the learning process of the Google Academy.
The students are our greatest pride who can get not only prestigious education, but also comprehensive spiritual development.

The faculty carries out training of the Bachelor of following specialties:

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences   12 Information technology

- 051 «Economics (Economic Cybernetics)»      
- 051 «Economics (Digital Economy)»     

and Master specialization:
- "Economic Cybernetics"


- 121 «Software Engineering» 
122 «Computer Science»
- 123 «Computer Engineering»
- 125 «Cyber Security»

and Master specialization:
- "Information Control Systems and Technologies"
- "Computer ecological and economic monitoring"

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