Requirements and Procedures for PhD Examinations

PhD examinations are a part of certification of the teaching and research staff. PhD examinations are conducted in order to determine the level of professional knowledge and scientific and cultural outlook of the applicant for PhD degree, his/her readiness for independent research activities. It is compulsory to pass PhD examinations in order to obtain PhD degree.
Graduate students whose topics of theses do not correspond with the field of study mentioned in their diplomas on higher education have to pass additional examination in the corresponding field of study with the leave of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Ukraine in a month prior to the examination date.
PhD examination on the special discipline is composed of two programs:
  • typical approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the HAC of Ukraine;
  • additional approved by the Academic Council of the Institute.
The commission that administers the examination in the field of study of the applicant should include at least 3 experts, two of which should be Doctors of Science and the third should be PhD in this field of study.
The commission that administers the examination on philosophy should include at least 2 experts, one of which should be Doctor of Philosophical Sciences and the second should be Candidate of Philosophy.
The commission that administers the examination on foreign language should include at least 2 experts of the Department of Foreign Languages and a lecturer of the special department who has a degree in the necessary field of study and is fluent in the necessary language.
Costs for the training of applicants and post-graduate students from other institutions are covered by the applicants or the institutions they work for.
PhD examinations are held twice a year:
  • on philosophy and foreign languages (English, German, French and Spanish) - in May and December;
  • on special and additional disciplines - in May and November.


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