Admission to Doctoral School

Individuals who have the degree of Candidate of Sciences, scientific achievements and published papers in the chosen field of study and who are capable of conducting professional fundamental, exploratory and applied research can be admitted to the doctoral school. Applicants must be aged to 45.
Duration of the course is 3 years.
Submission of the documents is done by May 1; enrolment takes place from September 1 annually.
Applicants to the doctoral school must submit the following documents to the Academic Council:
  • application addressed to the head of the university;
  • personal record from personnel department with a photo;
  • copy of diploma of Candidate of Sciences (certified at the workplace);
  • comprehensive plan of the doctoral thesis;
  • list of scientific publications, including the number of works published after the defence of the candidate thesis (12) and personal publications (3);
  • conclusions by 3 Doctors of Sciences (experts in this field of study)about the materials of the doctoral thesis, 70 % of which must be completed;
  • extracts from the records of the department and the academic council of the institute.
In a month’s term after the receipt of the application the department and the academic council of the institute listen to the report of the applicant to the doctoral school, examine detailed plan of his/her doctoral thesis and by secret or open vote define the possibility of admission.
In a month’s term the Academic Council of NULES of Ukraine examines the conclusions of the department and the academic council of the institute and passes the resolution on admission to the doctoral school.
The resolution of the Academic Council is approved and completed by the decree of the Head of the University.
Individuals who previously completed full course of training in the doctoral school and those who were expelled are not allowed to re-apply.
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