Admission to Graduate School

The term of the off-the-job training is 3 years while the term of the on-the-job training is 4 years.
Individuals who have higher education and have Specialist’s or Master's degree and whose average grade in the Diploma Supplement is no less than 4.5 can be admitted to the graduate school.
Citizens of other countries may be enrolled to the graduate school on the basis of agreements between the universities or in accordance with inter-governmental agreements.
Applicants have to pass entrance examinations in the special discipline, philosophy and one of the foreign languages (English, German, French, and Spanish). Individuals who passed PhD examinations are exempt from the corresponding examinations to the graduate school.
For admission to the graduate school applicants must submit:
  1. application addressed to the head of the university;
  2. personal record from personnel department;
  3. 2 photos (3x4 size);
  4. autobiography;
  5. copies of diplomas of higher education and copies of diploma supplements;
  6. references from the former employer with the employer’s signature and the seal;
  7. copy of the employment record book (certified at the workplace);
  8. health certificate (Form No. 086-У);
  9. certificate (Form No. 2.2) for those who passed parts of PhD examinations;
  10. published scientific papers, and in the absence of the latter - a written research report (essay) in the chosen field of study;
  11. folder, paper, 5 envelopes.
Individuals admitted to the examinations will obtain one-month holiday with preservation of the salary at the workplace, as well as days for journey.
Graduate students who are enrolled to the off-the-job training will be provided with scholarships.
Individuals who previously completed full course of training in the graduate school and were expelled because of wrongful acts or failure to accomplish the individual plan are not allowed to re-apply.
Enrolment of graduate students is completed by the decree of the Head of the university.
Individuals who apply for a full time course at the graduate school must be under the age of 35 years.  Individuals who apply for a correspondence course at the graduate school must be under the age of 45 years.
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