Department of Accounting and Taxation

Historical Background

 Department of Accounting and Taxation was established in Polytechnic Institute. It has continued its activities in Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, National Agricultural University, now at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.
Opening the accounting department as part of the economic faculty in 1959 caused the separation from the Department of organization of agriculture. Its founder and organizer was Associate Professor S. Rohachenko. He put a lot of effort to form the teaching staff, material - technical and methodological base of the Department.

Department engaged accounting problems such as economic activities in rural areas related to the reorganization of the machine - tractor stations, introduction of guaranteed money wages, creation of real conditions for the implementation of economic calculation. S. Rohachenko participated in developing of the best option plan of accounts in collective farms, which was officially adopted in Ukraine and later was used as an analogue of countable plan for farms of the Soviet Union.

Since 1961 to 1978 the Department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor I. Malyshev. During this period scientific research was directed on the theory of accounting, in particular, the problem of scientific and theoretical grounding of the double entry and other accounting methods. There were also published a lot of basic textbooks, manuals and other instructional materials.
Since 1970s the Department conducts studies not only in the budget sphere, but also in contractual. As a result there are a lot of publications.
These traditions were continued by Professor V. Malyshev disciple. Professor G. Kireytsev, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, corresponding member of the International Academy of Agricultural Education, Doctor of Economics headed the Department from 1978 to 1994. He reasoned the accounting functions in management of agro-industrial complex in a transitional economy.

The participants of the Great Patriotic War, Associate Professors B. Boboshko and M. Parasiy were working at the Department for a long time.
M. Parasiy was working on providing of the Finance methodological course, scientific research in problems of the financing of agriculture, В. Boboshko made a significant contribution to the formation of the Faculty of Economics as a whole and, in particular, the Department.
Senior lecturer L. Zvonareva was a soul of the Department for many years (since 1962 to 1993). When she was working as a Deputy of Dean and in a public organizations she conducted an active educational work among teachers and students.
Employees of the Department had a great respect for Senior lecturer L. Sikal. His lectures on "Audit and Control" aroused keen interest of students. Associate Professor I. Kononenko combined teaching work at the department and functions of Deputy of Dean for a long time.
From 1994 to 1999 the Department was headed by the Doctor of Economics, Professor L. Suk.
Ukrainian monthly scientific magazine "Accounting in agriculture" and the professional magazine "Accounting and finance of agribusiness" were published with the participation of the teaching staff of the Department for many years (Sc.D., Professor L. Suk, Sc.D., Professor H. Kireytsev, Ph.D., Associate Professor L. Shatkovska, Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Zhuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor K. Dudka).
In 1999 Associate Professor L. Shatkovska was appointed as a head of the Department. She had worked at the Department since 1965. L. Shatkovska had also headed the regional office of the Kiev region federation of professional accountants, financiers and auditors in agribusiness.
From 2004 to 2007 the department was headed by Associate Professor S. Oliynyk.
She was a founder of educational and scientific laboratory "Information technology in the accounting" to align teaching students to practical production conditions, providing research and consulting services, implementation of scientific development and auditing of production.

From left to right (bottom):
1 row: Ph.D., Associate Professor Bulenok А.Р., Senior Lecturer H. Hermanchyuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Verbylo, Senior Lecturer T. Kondrytska, Head of the Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Oliynik, Ph.D., Associate Professor L. Shatkovska, Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Tyvonchuk, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer O. Kolesnikova.
2 row: Ph.D., Senior Lecturer N. Kuzyk, Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Boyarova, Ph.D., Associate Professor T. Slyesar, Research Assistant L. Melyankova , Ph.D., Associate Professor T. Hurenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Derevianko, Research Assistant O. Midyana, assistant E. Lyebedyeva.
3 row: Sc.D., Professor. H. Kireytsev, Research Assistant O. Kryvorot, Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Yaroshinsky, Research Assistant O. Sribnyak, Ph.D., Associate Professor T. Kaminska, Ph.D., Research Assistant K. Shevchuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Korobko.
4 row: Research Assistant A. Derkach , Research Assistant P. Sahanovski, Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Yarmolenko, Postgraduate V. Kladiev, Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Zhuk.

In different years the Department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Yaroshinsky (2007-2009), Sc.D., Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine E. Kalyuha (2009-2014), Sc.D., Associate Professor T. Kaminska (2014-2015).
Now the department is headed by Sc.D., Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine E. Kalyuha.

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