Department of Accounting and Taxation

Tutorial work

 Tutorship is done by means of completion of individual work of lecturers with students and organization of different cultural and mass actions. The work of tutors is aimed at formation of public, social, cultural and professional qualities of future professionals, involving students of the group in participation in scientific, cultural, sportive and social measures of the faculty and the university.
Except planned organizational hours, one considers also:
attendance of lectures and tutorials, current progress, results of attestations and examination periods, carrying out measures on organizational and tutorial work;
help to students of academic group in academic activity, formation of skills of unsupervised work;
work of professor in charge of a student group on formation in group of healthy moral and psychological climate;
organization of cultural and educational work in academic group;
work of professor in charge of a student group on conduction of tutorial hours.
The department conducts cultural and tutorial work with students on specialty «Accounting and Audit» («Accounting and Taxation»), both during classes and during extracurricular time, conducts discussions in academic groups with deputy dean on tutorial work, Senior Lecturer of the department Kryvorot O.H., tutors (PhD, Associate Professors – Meliankova L.V. PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer Myskiv L.P. (course 2, group 4), Senior Lecturer of the department Kryvorot O.H. (course 3, groups 3,4,5):
− organization of tutorial and extracurricular work of tutors of academic groups with students;
− supervision during writing bachelor`s and master`s works, conduction of educational and production practice;
− duty in educational buildings and student`s dormitories of the university;
− functioning of students` scientific circles (“Problems of methodology and organization of accounting, control and analysis”), Lytvynenko V.S. (“Accounting in current economic conditions”).
A lot of attention is paid to national and patriotic education of students.
In particular, in order to honor the participants of the Revolution of Dignity, immortalization of the memory of Heroes of Sky Hundred, the faculty of economics held thematic action, organized by deputy deans Nahornyi V.V. and Kryvorot O.H. Honorary guests were professor of the department of military preparation colonel Kovalenko S.D. and military chaplain archpriest Leontii Nikitenko.
In September 2016 the Senior Lecturer of the department of Accounting and Taxation Kryvorot O.H. carried out reading with presentation of the fourth collection poems «Speak, think, laugh, - we are alive!», which brought together students and scientific and pedagogical workers of the faculty of economics with the dean DSc, Professor Dibrovа A.D. in the lead.
In the reading hall of the dormitory we held literature evening «We all are poets in sole…» for the students of the faculty of economics. Every participant presented in one`s way original and modern poems: about love, friendship, family and life as a whole.
Foundation of poetic club “Balance” was the main event of the evening. It was initiated by the deputy dean on tutorial work of the faculty of economics Kryvorot O.H. and students` council of the dormitory.
In March 2017 poetic club «Balance» of the faculty of economics of NULES of Ukraine conducted reading, devoted to creative work of Т.H.Shevchenko.
Under support and active participation of Kryvorot O.H. in preparation, students of the faculty of economics, most part of which are students of the specialty «Accounting and Taxation», won the grand prize of the International festival «Holosiivska spring» in April and the 4th place in final of the Championship of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted.
According to O.M. Ostrohorskyi: «Tutorial work does not mean to say good words to children, to admonish them. First of all, it means to live as other people do. Who wants to fulfill his responsibility in tutorship of children, must start from tutoring himself».

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