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International activity

 International activity of the department is aimed at the development of cooperation with foreign universities: Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Wroclaw University of Natural Sciences, Slovak Agricultural University, Nitra city, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Chania city (MAICh) and others.
Professors of the department conduct joint research on problems of theory and methodology of accounting with researchers from foreign educational institutions by means of preparation of scientific articles, of presentations at international conferences and of PhD students in terms of preparation of theses.
Nowadays, the department significantly increased its international activity. In particular, Associate Professor Kryshtopa І.І. was awarded a scholarship on training in the USA under the exchange program «Professional fellows program», which is financed by the State Department of the USA and administrated by the American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS). She is a winner of three international scholarship programs.
Lecturers of the department have scientific and pedagogical training at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in frames of Academic Exchange Program, organized by the UNESCO. Thus, Associate Professor Lytvynenko V.S. studied the experience of adapting of teaching accounting disciplines to international standards of quality of education (for more information – follow the link
Students and lecturers of the department have a great experience of taking part in international scientific and practical conferences, symposia, round tables, workshops, conducted together with educational institutions of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and others. Last year's indicators on participation in various international events (over forty) and the presence of publications in international activities (over fifty) confirm the development of international cooperation in scientific, cultural, informational and educational fields. International activity of the department is also done in frames of actual agreements on cooperation with educational foreign institutions, which envisage joint participation in international educational and scientific projects. In particular, the faculty of economics carried out the round table «Efficient agrarian statistics – German experience and proposals for Ukraine» on December 7, 2016. Professors of the department took part in debatable discussions with participation of German scholars (Folker Zasse, leader of the project «German-Ukrainian agropolitical dialogue», Verner Kliainkhars (expert), Folker Appel (representative of the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture of Germany)), representatives of state authorities, scientific institutions.
Lecturers also involve students in international activity. Masters on the specialty «Accounting and taxation» (N.Pinchuk, R.Horbunenko, А. Dudnichenko, V. Chekariev, О. Hnes, V. Vovchenko) have won scholarships under the international scholarship program «СМА Scholarship Program», which was initiated by the Institute of management accountants (the USA) and oriented towards support of education of future professional in the field of accounting. Participation of students in this program provides them with complex competences, important for work of specialists in the field of accounting, audit and taxation or adjacent financial field in both domestic and international companies.
In frames on international cooperation of the university bachelors, masters and PhD students of the department successfully study abroad in leading universities and undergo trainings at enterprises of Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, the USA, gaining the experience of European education and innovative knowledge on specialty. In particular, the master Nadia Polyakova spent the second semester of 2015-2016 academic year in Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) under the program of the European Union Erasmus +, which provides for improvement of skills and ability of job placement of students and assistance of competitiveness of European economics (for more information – follow the link At present, the student of the first year of the magistracy on the specialty “Accounting and Taxation” Ivan Dudka is studying on this program. In the capacity of advantage of studying, N. Poliakova and І. Dudka mentioned phased mobility, exemplary joint masters` programs, which are proposed by universities of Europe and partner countries that attract best students all over the world.
From the beginning master of the department Ruslana Sydorchuk studied in Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in city Chania (MAICh) in Greece on the specialty «Business economics and management». R. Sydorchuk improved her skills and competences in the field of accounting, audit and taxation during learning of eighteen disciplines in English.
Annually students undergo a production training abroad. In order to fix their theoretical knowledge and concentrated learning of foreign practical experience under supervision of foreign specialists-practicioners we developed and published in English Programs on production trainings for bachelors and masters.
Mobility for students and PhD students is opened in both directions. Confirmation of this is the accomplishment of research by Alnaimat Mokhammad Akhmad Salekh on the theme of the PhD thesis: «Accounting and analysis of financial results: experience of Ukraine and Jordan» under supervision of the Professor of the department P.L. Suk and PhD, Associate Professor Kolesnikova О.М. The student from Italy Izabella Dorentso under the program of studying of foreign citizens mastered the discipline “Accounting” in English under supervision of the Associate Professor Kolesnikova О.М.
In prospect, the department plans to activate international activity in frames of increasing of qualification level of scientific and pedagogical workers in foreign educational institutions; organization of international scientific conferences; participation of lecturers and students in international programs and projects; widening of collaboration with international organizations; membership in international associations and societies.

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