Department of Accounting and Taxation

Educational activity

     Lecturers provide educational process for three faculties (economics, agricultural management, informational technologies) and educational and scientific institute of postgraduate education. They provide it with programs, methodological developments, textbooks and manuals. Lecturers of the department have published more than 40 textbooks and manuals during last years:
in order to provide students with operative access to informational resources, timely making changes in learning disciplines, we prepared electronic training courses in the system «ELEARN».
the department provides teaching of more than 30 disciplines, the main ones among them are «Accounting», «Financial accounting»,«Management accounting», «Reporting of enterprises», «Accounting and reporting in taxation», «Audit», «Informational systems and technologies in accounting and audit», «Accounting in budget institutions», «Control of activity of agricultural formations», «Computer audit», «Accounting in management of the enterprise», «Organization and methodology of audit», «Organization of accounting», «Forensic accounting» and others. Teaching staff constantly work under improvement of the content of the subjects, considering European experience and professional competences of the future specialist.
  The department has educational-scientific-production laboratory «Informational technologies in accounting». We conduct courses on the program «Accounting», which is designed for usage in self-supporting enterprises and provides in-depth study of modern computer technologies for accounting in enterprises, institutions and organizations. In addition, in educational process we use computer program “М.Е.Doc”, which covers 80 % of the market of electronic reporting and electronic document flow, is convenient in usage and is in demand in business-environment, contains certificate of electronic digital signature of Accredited key certification center "Ukraine" and allows to improve the work with all types of documents in electronic appearance: primary documents and reports to the state authorities.
The department provides training of specialists on the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" on the educational levels "Bachelor", "Master".
      Training on the program of preparation of specialists of educational level "Master" on the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" is done according to the following master's programs:
research direction:
– Accounting, control and analysis in management of activity of agricultural enterprises.
production direction:
– Accounting and taxation of activity of business entities.
– Accounting and control provision of management of business entities.
– Accounting and control in state sector of economics.
Content of master`s programs responds modern direction of improvement of educational process and trends and requirements concerning preparation of highly qualified specialists. Complex approach of lecturers of the department to the quality of education provides competitiveness of alumnus in the labor market and proper starting conditions for a professional career development.

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