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Professional orientation

 Choice of profession for every young person - is the choice of the future path of study and work, his place in life.
Career guidance is one of the types of assistance for people in the realization of their goals, needs, values and self-determination. Main task of this work is to provide practical tips and advices for personal improvement and successful choice of major from experts.
Newspaper "All of accounting" published an advertisement with invitation for school`s, technical school`s and college`s graduates to study in our university on the initiative of Head of Department of accounting in order to help graduates in determining their way of life. Lecturers accounting and taxation Department actively informed potential applicants during the academic year 2021-22:
- Associate Professor of accounting and audit Department T.O. Hurenko realized meeting with the director V.B. Aleynikov and students 11-A and 11-B Environmental and Natural lyceum №116, Kyiv. During the meeting, students listened to details about NULES of Ukraine, conditions of study on specialty "Accounting and Taxation", job prospects and international exchange programs between NULES of Ukraine and partner universities. Also conversation was aimed at acquaintance of future entrants with the list of other specialties and features of entry to NULES of Ukraine, which were in 2021. Economic specialties including "Accounting and Taxation" have interested future students.

- Master of specialty "Accounting and Audit" A.S. Butenko and her supervisor, conducted career guidance for students of graduating classes of Kapustynsk Secondary school. Pupils were informed about fields of study, entry features and advantages of learning in National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine.

- Senior Lecturer of accounting and taxation Department O.G. Kryvorot visited NPP Ivankivsk School I-III degree, Minkowsk district, Cherkasy region, which has been closely cooperating with NULES of Ukraine for many years.
Oleg Grygorovych informed graduates about terms of entry into NULES of Ukraine. Detailed information on specialties that can be gotten at NULES of Ukraine, prospects of education, living conditions in dormitories, active recreation, employment of graduates and international internships were given to prospective applicants.

- Assistant Professor of Accounting and Taxation Department S.I. Derevyanko visited graduates of Secondary school № 36 them. S.P. Korolyova Holosiievo district, Kyiv.
The interest of future students raised in relation to information about economic specialties in NULES of Ukraine, about cultural work and living conditions of students.

- Associate Professor of Accounting and Taxation Department L.V. Melyankova visited School I-III degree № 66 Dnipro district, Kyiv where she had a conversation on the topic: "Features of studiy at the Faculty of Economics in NULES of Ukraine".
Students' attention was concentrated at the fact that National University of Life and Environmental sciences of Ukraine occupies 10th position (in reality divides into three 8-th)in the ranking of Ukrainian higher educational institutions, which includes the 61 best universities.

- Аssistant Professor A.M. Hanyaylo met with future graduates of Olyshivsk School I-III degree Chernigov district, Chernihiv region.
Students became familiar with requirements for admission to NULES of Ukraine, conditions of study at university, received comprehensive information about list of specialties, organizing of cultural and sports life of students of NULES of Ukraine.

- Ph.D., Associate Professor O.A. Boyarova, A.N. Hanyaylo taking part at the conference "New information technologies in education" simultaneously conducted career guidance with representatives of universities, colleges and technical schools.
Illustrated booklets about Faculty of Economics at the NULES of Ukraine and "Questionnaire of applicant" for sensible choice for their future activities were sent to Economic-Technological College, Kherson; National Technical University; Electrical college, Zaporizhzhya; National Technical University and Trade College of National University from Zaporizhzhya.

- Assistant Professor of accounting and taxation Department V.S. Lytvinenko met with high school students of Borzna Secondary School them. Christina Alchevsk, presented them fields of study at university, opportunities for government contracts, following practice abroad and other conditions for professional and creative development.
- Volodymyr talked with students of Gymnasium them. Panteleimon Kulish and students of Borzna Agricultural College and invited students of specialty "Accounting and Taxation" to continue their study at the NULES. Graduates of the college have successfully enrolled in our university and lernerer of accounting disciplines at this college Shybika Tatiana is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the NULES of Ukraine.

Meetings with pupils and students seemed warm, pleasant and positive. We hope that talented young people will continue to follow the example of their countrymen - will enter into NULES and reach heights in education, career and political life.
In general, teachers and senior students of accounting and taxation Department conducted career guidance with graduates of 38 schools, colleges, high schools and 12 colleges located in areas twenty six regions of Ukraine for the period of the academic year 2016-2017 years.
In particular, in the Kiev region - seven districts: Brovary (2 schools) Yagotyn (2 schools), Fastov (2 schools) Bila Tserkva (1 school), Kiev-Svyatoshyno (4 schools, 1 college), Myronivska (1 College) Borodyansk (2 schools) Vassilkiv district (2 schools).
Cherkasy - Horodyshche (1 school, 1 college), Kaniv (1 school), Minkowsk region (1 school).
Chernihiv - Bobrov (4 schools, 2 gymnasiums, 1 college) Borzna (1 school, 1 high school, 1 college), Chernigov region (1 school), Kulikovka (2 schools), Nosiv (1 school);
Ternopil - Berezhansk district (1 school);
Rivne - Rivne district (1 school);
Zhytomyr – Korosten district (1 Gymnasium);
also in Kiev - at seven districts: Dnipro (3 schools), Holosiyivo (2 schools), Svyatoshyno (1 school, 1 college), Pechersk (1 College) Solomiansk (1 College), Shevchenko (1 Lyceum 1 College) and Darnytskyi areas (1 school).
167 graduates were questioned, 39 of them put NULES of Ukraine first priority, 30 – second priority, 11 – third.

Graduates got the fullest information about Faculty of Economic at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine - about occupations, conditions of admission, students` life and leisure, and also opportunity to feel the atmosphere that prevails among us, and to be witness of correctness of choice of university and future profession.

In the process of career guidance with schools, colleges, high schools, technical schools and colleges we create the conditions for bringing up conscious attitude to work in future students, a sense of duty during choosing a profession, love and respect for labor and working people, respect for future work .
We wish success to future students during admission to our university!

Job placement of graduates of the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" provides:

Promoting the job placement of students:
inform students about the activities and staffing requirements of enterprises, organizations, institutions in Kyiv;
Organization of direct contacts between students and employers;
assisting employers in finding appropriate specialists among the students of NULES;
organization of job fairs and presentations of companies, organizations and institutions;
organization of competitions, masterclasses with experts of leading organizations.
Advising students on issues of career planning:
- identify ways and opportunities for employment;
- assistance in choosing the direction of professional career.

Department of Accounting and Taxation cooperates with potential employers of the graduates:
- EBS is the leading consulting company, which operates in Ukraine since 1998. It was established as the consulting center designed to support the release of new players on the market, assist in development and performing of everyday tasks of Ukrainian companies and international investors. During a long period of activity and rapid growth EBS can compete with the international consulting company, large international auditing and law firms, as well as EBS is a law firm too and its long experience allows to solve the most complex situations. EBS entered the ranking of the best companies in the field of auditing, accounting and taxation.
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