Department of Animal Biology

International activity

         Established links with research institutions and universities in Germany (Humboldt-University, Berlin), the UK (Scottish Agricultural College), Georgia (Department of Livestock Academy of Agricultural Sciences), Canada (University Saskychevan province), Poland (Institute of livestock, Krakow ), Moldova (Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary), the Republic of Belarus (Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture, Institute of Zoology and Institute of Animal Sciences of Belarus), Russia (Museum of Zoology, Voronezh Pedagogical University, Timiryazevskaya Agricultural Academy, Bryansk Agricultural University), USA (University of Nebraska ), and so on.


Foreign visitors Conference of Oology               Salvador, Brazil arrival at the International 

                                                                                 Congress on Poultry (2012)


Presentation of research              Sakhatsky M. Locationsfortrainingcoursesinthe

Kurbatova Inna at a                        BelarusianAgriculturalAcademy

conference in Humboldt-

University, Berlin.

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