Department of Animal Biology


 The department was founded December 25, 2014 to strengthen fundamental biological training of students as a prerequisite for further, more quality, professional mastering technological disciplines. It was established on the basis of Department of General Zoology and Ichthyology NUBiP Ukraine, namely by separating it from the Zoological block of subjects with appropriate personnel and material support and enhance other fundamental disciplines.

In turn, the Department of General Zoology and Ichthyology received its name in 2001 when renaming the Department of Zoology and Darwinism. From that time to the reorganization in December 2014 it was headed by Associate Professor PG Shevchenko, who much to further development and strengthening of logistics business unit and networking with industry.

In general, the origins of the Department of Animal Biology, starting with the Department of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, which was established in 1922 in Kyiv Veterinary and Zootechnical Institute. He headed this newly created department of Professor B. Dombrowskiy. In 1934 it was renamed the Department of Zoology and Zoological Museum of Darwinism and the management is entrusted to Associate Professor M. Synytskiy.

During World War Department of Zoology and Darwinism was evacuated along with the share of wealth (museum exhibits entomological collection, special equipment) to Kharkov first and then, together with the Kiev Veterinary Institute - to Sverdlovsk Agricultural Institute (m. Sverdlovsk). In 1944, Kyiv Veterinary Institute, and its structure and Department of Zoology, was returned to Kyiv (Goloseevo). Since then and until 2001 it was headed by Professor M. Sinitskiy Professor M. Kravchenko, Associate Professor A. Beznosenko.

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