Department of Animal Biology

Educational work

 Students enrolled for obtaining Bachelor "Bachelor" taught courses:

a) the specialty "Water Bioresources" - "Invertebrate Zoology", "Zoology chord", "Water Microbiology", "Ontogeny fish", "Mathematical Methods in Biology";

b) specialty "Technology of production and processing of animal products" - "Zoology", "Physiology of Agricultural Animals", "Microbiology", "Ecology in livestock" and others;

c) the specialty "Veterinary medicine" - "Zoology" and "General zoology" (in English).

 The Department training students enrolled to obtain qualifying "Master" on two master programs oriented production, namely:

1)"Innovative Technologies for the conservation of biological diversity of animals" (specialty "Water Bioresources");

2) "Monitoring Technologies breeding of wild and domestic animals" (specialty "Technology of production and processing of livestock products").

 To support the learning process at the department has:

a) research laboratory of general zoology;

b) educational laboratory animal biology.


         For the teaching of and support the learning process, a typical program, training complexes, published textbooks, workbooks and other methodological developments. 



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