Department of Animal Biology

Master programmes

 1. "Innovative Technologies for the conservation of biological diversity of animals" (specialty "WaterBioresources"). CuratormasterApplicationsProf., D.Sc. Mykola Sakhatsky.

The master's program aims to prepare highly qualified professionals to work in national parks, zoos, game farms, nurseries game animals in laboratories and laboratory breeding of exotic animals, fishery, hydrological sanctuaries, national parks and other specialized farms (terrarium, nurseries wildlife). Students receive in-depth theoretical knowledge of biology, ethology, physiology, reproduction and feeding of animals of different species, embryology and embryo engineering, become proficient traditional and innovative methods of conservation and wise use of animals of different species will be appropriate practical training in key best farms.


2. "Bio-technology expertise breeding of wild and domestic animals" (specialty "Technology for producing and processing). Curator master Applications – Prof.,  D. Sc. Mykola Povoznikov.

The master's program aims to prepare highly qualified specialists for managers and technologists farms and industrial complexes for the production and processing of animal products, including fish farming, breeding farms in the breeding and domestication of wild animals, as well as research and design institutions. Students receive in-depth theoretical knowledge of biological features different kinds of environment, health maintenance, to assess the functional state of the animals according to their conditions of detention in the formation of the regulatory framework, the foundations of barns, facilities and other industries, will be relevant in practical key best farms.

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