Department of Journalism and Linguistic Communication

Career-guidance work and employment

     What are future entrants guided by in choosing their university? These questions trouble school-leavers and their parents. The Open Door Day, which takes place annually at the university or faculties, usually help applicants the make the right choice.

      Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor V. D. Shynkaruk acquaints the graduates from schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and colleges with the history of the University and specialties by which the faculty trains its future specialists.

     Department staff conducts considerable work to attract graduates from technical schools and colleges, and secondary school students to study at NULES of Ukraine.

     In this work area the department cooperates with the following educational establishments:

• Borznyanskyi State Agricultural College;

• Talyankivskyi Agricultural College of Uman National University of Horticulture;

• Chyhyryn Technical school of the Uman National Agrarian University;

• Khotyn Technical school of the Podilskyi Agricultural and Technical State University;

• Prilutskyi Agro-technical College;

• Sosnytskyi Agricultural Technical school;

• Petrivskyi State Agrarian Technical School.

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