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Practical training

One of the significant advantages of NULES of Ukraine is that from the first year of study, student journalists have a unique opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge in practice, quickly acquire the necessary skills in order to become real professionals in the future, researching current topics and improving their skills as a "universal" journalist.













In the difficult period of mixed education in the conditions of martial law, a decision was made to introduce a format of end-to-end practice for journalism students. In particular, first-year students will work on creating a video plot based on one of the current topics, second-year students will expand the genre palette of their works within the studied academic disciplines "Audiovisual Production", "Radio Journalism and Podcasting", third-year students will create an interview on the topic: "How the war changed life and worldview man", thus joining the cohort of those who collect such stories, record and preserve them for future generations. Fourth-year students have already completed individual tasks that correspond to the topics of bachelor's theses, thereby deepening their own research: they independently chose the genres within which the tasks were performed, a new perspective, direction, tonality, etc.
Experienced fourth-year students became an example for junior students. Being in difficult conditions, sometimes under occupation and under fire, they nevertheless demonstrated great professional skill, discipline and desire to work in their profession.



Thus, Vitaly MIKULA presented his own article about the war, published in a periodical; Sofia HRABOVSKA created a personal blog where, as a professional blogger, she covers the topic of preserving cultural monuments and our identity in wartime; Oryna ZELENINA analyzed the change of Volodymyr Zelenskyi's image from a comedian to the President of Ukraine today; Anna LEVCHENKO made a social advertisement-poster about the death of motorcyclists on the roads; and Victoria Khlopchanyuk - a video clip about the war in Ukraine, watching which moves you to tears.

This is only part of the creative works that the students performed in extreme conditions, but with maximum professionalism, which was noted by the teachers of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication in defense of the students' practical works. The teacher of the department, the host of the public radio Anna DANKO-SLIPTSOVA noted the extraordinary professional skills of the students, and the assistant professor of the department Nataliya ADAMCHUK noted the urgency and relevance of the completed tasks, which contributed to the students' immersion in real journalistic life.



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