Department of Journalism and Linguistic Communication

Educational Work

 Department of Journalism and Linguistic Communication
provides teaching such academic disciplines: 

Oral speech technique
Modern Ukrainian in media
Basics of the scientific research
Contemporary Ukrainian literature and literary criticism
Practical stylistics
Introduction to the specialty (Fundamentals of Journalism)
Theory of mass communication
New media
Journalistic ethics
Theory of journalism
Audiovisual production
Radio journalism and podcasting
History of Ukrainian and world journalism
Literary editing
TV journalism
Business protocol and communication ethics
Investigative journalism
Informational genres in the printed press
Theory of journalistic work and text
Analytical journalism
Convergent media
Multimedia production
Communication technologies
Internet journalism
PR technologies in the media
Journalistic investigation
Security of journalistic activities
Advertising and public relations
Media analyst and media psychology
Media criticism
Journalist safety
Ukrainian language (by professional direction)
Ukrainian language and ethnocultural studies
Ukrainian language (by professional direction)
Latin (terminology)

Practical training:

educational (introductory) for first-year students
educational for students second-year students
production (journalism) for third-year students
production (pre-diploma) for IV year students

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