Department of Journalism and Linguistic Communication

Services and cooperation

    At the department are:

 training and consulting courses in Ukrainian language;

 training and consulting courses in Latin.

     The department works closely with the language departments of Kyiv Shevchenko University, Drahomanov NPU, European University, Institute of Tourism Economics and Law, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute of NAS of Ukraine (Department of grammar, language and culture department style), Izmail Humanitarian University, High school of science and art (c. Lodz, Poland).

     To establish relationship with related educational institutions in other countries for cooperation in educational, scientific and methodical work, exchange of young scientists, the expansion of international cooperation in the intellectual property the department has fulfilled the following work:

     1) Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor Hryshchenko I.V. prepared documents for making an agreement on cooperation of NULES of Ukraine and Wyisza Szkola Informatyki i Umiejktnozci w Lodzi (Poland); 2015;

     2) Doctor of Philological science, professor Kiral S.S., participant of the international conference «Bohater literacki - oczekiwania czytelnicze i tekstowe realizacje» (Rzeszow University, Institute of Polish Philology city. Rzeszow, Poland); 2015;

     3) Candidate of pedagogical science, Assistant Professor Tepla О.М. and senior lecturer Dyadechko L.A. – participants of the VI International Scientific Internet Conference on Ukrainian studies "Dialogue of Languages - Dialogue of Cultures. Ukraine and the World" (Institute of Slavic Studies of Ludwig-Maximilian University, city of Munich, Germany); 2015.

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