Department of International Relations and Social Sciences

Methodical work

The educational and methodological work of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences is a component of the educational process and is aimed at solving the problems of improving the quality of training of international specialists.
The main areas of educational and methodical work of the department are:
• creation of modern educational and methodological support for disciplines taught by the department;
• annual updating and improvement of working training programs of disciplines in accordance with modern requirements for the level of training of specialists;
• placement of educational and methodical materials of the department in the university repository;
• writing and publishing textbooks, training manuals, methodological developments to ensure the training of specialists in accordance with educational plans;
• study of the scope and content of students' independent work, development of methodological recommendations for planning, organization and control of students' independent work;
• development of methodological instructions regarding the organization and completion of industrial practice by students;
• constant improvement of task packages for test control of students' knowledge and skills;
• providing electronic versions of lectures for the disciplines taught by the NPP of the department, creating electronic training courses and a database of test tasks for evaluating students' residual knowledge;
• raising the scientific and methodical level of the department's teachers by participating in methodical seminars of various levels.
The teachers of the department have developed methodical recommendations, teaching aids with the stamp of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, textbooks, including with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Culture, test tasks for all academic disciplines.
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