Department of International Relations and Social Sciences

Address: 1 General Rodimtsev Street, Kyiv 03041 Ukraine Academic building No.1, office 54, 55, 56

Tel.: + 38 (044) 527-81-71

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
S.O. Bilan

Doctor of History, Professor



General information
The Department was established by the decision of the University Scientific Council dated  01.09.2010, after the reorganization of the structure of the Education and Research Institute of Natural Sciences and the Humanities.
The department is headed by Doctor of historical sciences, associate professor S. Bilan
The department of History of Ukraine was headed by noted scholars professors: V.I.Yurchuk, L.Yu. Berenshtein, H.P. Myhryn, S.S. Kolomiets. The department of political science and sociology was headed by I.R. Bairak, Associate Professor , A.M. Cherniy, Professor.  At present the department is headed by  professor A. Cherniy, Doctor of Philosophy.
By July 2015 the Department of History and Political Science, headed by Professor A. Cherniy.
The department has a highly-skilled research and educational team that carries out high-quality training of students and fruitful research. The teaching staff includes: 2 Professors; 14 Associate Professors, 1 Senior lecturer:
Bilan S.O., head of the departmentDoctor Habilitat of History, Associate Professor
Boyko I.I., Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Hrabovskii О.V., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Zhyvora S.M., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Isakova N.P., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Kaluga V.F., Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Kostiuk O.V., Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Kravchenko N.B., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Kropyvko O.M., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Lanoviuk L.P., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Siekunova Y.V., Candidate of History, Associate Professor
Hvist V.A., Candidate of History, Associate Professor 
Kharchenko L.V., Doctor of Political Science, Senior lecturer 
Educational activities
Our mission is to provide conditions for the self-actualization of highly educated, nationally-conscious individuals, able to think independently and to act according to the principles of Justice and Good.
The personnel of the Department provide lectures and seminars in the courses: “History of Ukraine”, “History of Ukrainian Culture”, and “Political Science” for Bachelor students (full-time and extra mural form of study). At the faculties of Agricultural Management,  Computer Science and Economic Cybernetics, Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Education, Plant Protection the discipline “History of Ukraine” is taught in English.  At the faculties of Economics,  Veterinary Medicine the discipline “Political Science” is taught in English.
Research and innovation activities
The scope of research covers significant issues in the areas of history and sociology, culture and politics.  The priority areas of activity are: history of agrarian science and education, the sustainable development of rural areas: history and modernity, social and spiritual, ecological and demographic aspects of rural development. A prospective direction of the research is : the problems of rural areas as a way to organize the human living space.
Over the past three years the staff published: 28 monographs, 8 textbooks, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2 of them - in English), 14 reference books, 10 dictionaries, 50 scientific articles, 40 abstracts, 83 teaching and learning aids.
On the basis of the Certificate of state registration of print mass media, the Department issues the quarterly journal “Herald of Agricultural History” (Visnyk agrarnoi istorii”). 
The Department  trains future scholars in two specialties: History of Ukraine – 07.00.01; Religion Studies – 09.00.11. In recent years the department trained 9 Candidates of History (scientific adviser - Professor Kolomiets S.S) and 11 candidates of Philosophy (scientific adviser - Professor Cherniy A.M).
The Department collaborates with the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, leading national universities, scientific institutions, organizations and committees in agro-industrial sector.
Students are engaged in scientific research. They take part in “Roundtables,” interacademic conferences and international research and practical conferences on topical issues of history and sociology, publish  research papers.
Besides, students participate in All-Ukrainian student contests. There are eight Students’ Scientific Societies that carry out a lot of fruitful work on regional issues of Ukraine ; one of them – “The Unknown Pages of the History of Ukraine” (supervisor – Associate Professor N.P. Isakova ) - is provided in English. 
In addition, excursions to museums, exhibitions, meetings with famous scientists and politicians are arranged by our stuff. 
International contacts and links 
The staff extends their international relations through the exchange of scientific and practical experience with foreign counterparts in international scientific conferences, symposia, through publishing research results in international journals. 
Teachers of the Department have intensified their international scientific activities. Only in 2013 they participated in 4 conferences abroad: International Scientific Conference “Education – Technology - Computer Science 2013” (Przemyśl, Poland); International Scientific Conference “Information technology: Technical Education” (Olomouc, Česká republika); X mezinarodni vedecko-praktika conference “Dny vedy - 2012”(Praha); International Scientific Conference “Perspectywy rozwoju nauki” (Gdansk, Poland). 


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