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Cultural work

 Teachers of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences pay considerable attention to the role of cultural and educational work in the context of education of today's youth. After all, the indicators of the affirmation of the personality are not only the acquired knowledge, self-education, training, but also the assimilation of elements of culture, norms, values, as well as the demonstration of one's own achievements on the way to compiling the currently popular portfolio, which will be needed in future professional and creative activities.

Responsible of the department for cultural and educational work
candidate of historical sciences, associate professor
Bulgakova Oksana Volodymyrivna
Implementation of cultural and educational activities involves:
formation of modern knowledge, legal culture, knowledge and compliance with the laws of Ukraine, moral and ethical norms adopted in it;
transfer to the younger generation of the riches of the spiritual culture of the Ukrainian people and, on this basis, foster a sense of patriotism, national consciousness, and civic responsibility for the fate of the native land;
education of linguistic culture, deep knowledge and mastery of the Ukrainian language as the basis of national identity;
respectful attitude to national traditions, customs, rites, culture, history of the native people, respect for parents, family, fostering a sense of unity of generations, shared cultural heritage;
fostering a sense of ownership of one's land, love for it and responsibility for its fate, overcoming the inferiority complex;
stimulating the need to acquire knowledge and professional skills, developing an understanding of the need for work as the basis of progress, the guarantee of material and cultural benefits of society;
assimilation and observance of universal moral qualities: diligence, justice, honesty, kindness, mercy, tolerance;
formation of a culture of relationships and communication between people, education of respect for human dignity and honor of young men and women, a sense of responsibility and mutual respect in relations between them;
psychological preparation of young people for family life, formation of a culture of family relations, sexual education of boys and girls;
development of high artistic and aesthetic culture, development of artistic tastes, aesthetic needs and feelings based on the best examples of national and world culture;
education of ecological culture, understanding of the need for harmony between man and nature;
creation of conditions for the development of individual abilities and talent of young people, self-realization of the individual;
ensuring the full-fledged physical development of youth, as the basis and integral element of the comprehensive development of the personality.
Basic principles of education:
unity of the process of education and upbringing;
continuity, sequence, continuity;
inquisitiveness and creativity;
conformity to nature, taking into account the multifaceted and integral nature of a person, age and individual characteristics;
cultural conformity, dialogue of national and universal spiritual values;
the priority of national cultural and educational traditions;
humanization and democratization;
studying and taking into account spiritual requests and interests of students;
organization of self-government;
integrativeness of the educational process;
optimization of pedagogical requirements aimed at increasing the effectiveness of education.
December 22 - Day of Diplomatic Service Employees
Enlightenment and popularization of the history and present of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine are systematically and systematically implemented in the context of tasks defined by the university management. This work is carried out as part of the work of scientific circles operating on the basis of the department; systematic visits to university museums in general and institutes and faculties in particular; introducing first-year students to the rich, rich history of the university. Also, students join the examples of world and domestic spiritual culture during visits to theaters, festivals and museums of the capital of our country.
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