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Specialty 073 "Management" educational program "HR Management"

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Department of Management and Educational Technology of Humanities and Pedagogical Faculty of National University
of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

invites to study in the Master's programme

on the specialty 073 "Management" educational program "HR Management"

It is difficult to imagine a modern public office or a commercial enterprise, in which there would be no HR-manager or director of human resources management. The principal guarantee of the successful functioning of any business is people, but they are also the main risk factor (according to various estimates, from 70 to 95% of losses in business is allocated to staff). The effectiveness of the enterprise itself depends mostly on if an HR manager is competent in personnel management.

Who is the HR manager?

The HR manager is one of the core managers of the company, which is responsible for the central resource - human. Given the fact that staff costs represent a significant portion of the budget of any enterprise, it is difficult to overestimate the value of this sphere. The HR manager is responsible for people strategy in the field of human resources management and is a member of the board of directors.

The abbreviation "HR" is the acronym of "human resources". Thus, HR-manager is a specialist who holds a leading position in this field. The objective of his activity is to assess candidates for recruitment, training planning, and staff development, motivation, certification, an organization of psychological support, etc.

Possible positions of our graduates

The HR manager can work for the following positions:
 - Heads of personnel units and social-labor relations (HR directors)
 - Head of Human Resources
 - Expert (in the field of labor, employment, and social-labor relations)
 - Engineer in the organization and rationing of the labor
 - Engineer in personnel training
 - Expert in Labor Market Analysis
 - Employment Specialist - Labor Inspector (legal)
 - Scientific employee-consultant (social protection of the population)
 - Professional in the field of social welfare of the population
 - Agent for employment and employment contracts
 - Personnel inspector
 - Organizer of clerical work (government agencies)
 - Assistant to the head of the enterprise (institution, organization)
 - Inspector for the appointment and payment of the retirement benefit
- Social care inspector

What is the HR Director or Chief of Personnel doing?

performance of various functions (the head of the personnel department is mainly engaged in personnel records management, and the HR-director manages the personnel);

powers (status) (the head of the personnel department leads the structural unit of the enterprise, while HR Director belongs to the front office of the enterprise as a whole, and sometimes serves as a business partner);

the limits of responsibility (the head of the personnel department is responsible for operational management of personnel, and HR-director solves the strategic task, such as how to increase the efficiency of the enterprise, by using the potential of employees);

the salary level (the salary of both the head of the HR department and the HR-director depends, first of all, on the number of personnel of the company, but on average the salary of HR-directors is usually three times higher. Of course, in many ways the functions of HR-director determines his or her salary - the more director tasks related to the development, training, and motivation of the staff, the higher his or her wages).

Advantages of the HR-manager profession

- an occupational prestige;

- a high wage level;

- a chance to communicate with a large number of people;

- demand for staff managers is continually increasing;

- constant self-development and self-improvement;

- raising the level of intellectual development through the solution of diverse and non-trivial tasks.

We will teach:

- to manage the creation, support, and improvement of the system of productive work of all enterprise employees;

- to realize the search for new employees;

- the realization of selection among candidates for vacant positions of highly skilled workers, which correspond to the corporate culture of the enterprise;

- what is human resource marketing and how does it contribute to the development of the enterprise team;

- creation of a system of adaptation of employees;

- pedagogical assessment, training, planning and career development of employees;

- to create and initiate a timely change in the operation of remuneration of labor, motivation of employees;

- to implement effective communication within the enterprise;

- to create a comfortable psychological atmosphere in a team;

- creation and implementation of a system of dismissal.

Why do entrants choose to study at our faculty?

- author courses of educational disciplines, topics of which correspond to the needs of future specialists in the labor market;

- teachers with practical experience in the field of personnel management read lectures;

- free study of foreign languages in the process of obtaining a basic profession;

- there are opportunities for training both at the expense of the state order and at the expense of a contract with individuals and legal entities;

- relatively low cost of studying under the terms of the contract;

- students have the opportunity to upgrade qualification and to have free internships in educational institutions of Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, China;

- passing of industrial practice and internship in leading companies and state institutions of Kyiv and region;

- faculty provides permanent access to electronic and printed teaching materials for self-study;

- team of highly qualified faculty instructors (100% of PhD and Candidate of Sciences);

- mobile and interactive forms of classes, case studying using examples of leading Ukrainian companies;

- multimedia lectures and practical classes that allow students to understand the material better through audio and video support;

- individual consultations with a personal consultant during the completion of the master's thesis during the entire period of studying;

- students’ participation in profile events of educational and research character: olympiads, congresses, forums, conferences of all-Ukrainian and international scales;

- comfortable and compact location of educational buildings, 15 minutes on foot to the metro station "Vystavkovyi Tsenter", there are three routes of public transport through the territory of the University;

- all entrants are provided with a hostel (from 15 to 30 minutes on foot to educational buildings);

- Diploma of Higher Education of state standard and Diploma Appendix of European standard;

- future managers in extracurricular time actively use opportunities for: creative self-realization in student studios of acting, vocal, modern choreography, instrumental music, Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted;

- faculty has developed infrastructure for sports as on professional (regional, national and international competitions) and amateur levels: sports tourism, sections of the sports and health complex of the university with more than 30 kinds of sports;

- powerful student self-governance of faculty, in which our students take part in charity events, cultural, entertainment and festive events; visit the actual artistic events of the capital; arrange sightseeing tours in the country regions.

List of educational disciplines
of educational and professional program "HR Management"


Interested in the profession of the manager of the educational establishment - fill in the questionnaire and wait for the call of our consultant.

Form of studying: full-time and part-time (at the expense of the state budget and under the terms of the contract.
Cost of education. Term of studying: 1,5 year

Terms of applications and documents acceptance, entrance examinations,
competitive selection and enrollment of entrants to study

Stages of the university admissions process

The time frame


Registration of entrants for passing the only entrance exam in a foreign language

May 13, 2019 - at 18.00.
June 03, 2019


Passing of additional professional entrance examinations for entrants who enter by the degree of higher education (educational-qualification level) obtained in another specialty

May 13 - May 31, 2019


Acceptance of applications and documents for study from persons who enter on the basis of entrance exams

June 17 - June 25, 2019


Acceptance of applications and documents for study from persons who enter based on the results of the only entrance exam and a professional entrance exam

July 10 - July 23, 2019


The main session of the only professional entrance exam

July 02, 2019


Conducting professional entrance examinations and additional professional entrance examinations for entrants who enter on the basis of the degree of higher education (educational qualification level) obtained in another specialty (direction of preparation) and have already passed the only entrance exam

July 05-26, 2019


Providing recommendations for enrollment on government orders

no later than August 5, 2019


Fulfillment of requirements of Rules of admission for enrollment

till 18 00 August 10, 2019


Order for admission

for public order - till 12.00 h. 11.08.2019
at the expense of individuals or legal entities - not later than 14.08.2019

Entrance examinations

By the Rules of admission, entrance examinations for the specialty 073 "Management," the educational program "HR Management" is conducted in the form of testing from a complex of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines and foreign language. 

Enrolment period

Entrants for the programs of specialists of educational degree "Master" personally apply the following documents to the admission commission of NULES of Ukraine:

  • application addressed to the rector;
  • copy of the state standard document on the acquired educational degree and its appendix;
  • 4 color photographs in the size of 3x4 cm;
  • passport copy (1, 2 pages and the registration place);
  • copy of the certificate of identification number.
  • document certifying identity and citizenship, a military ticket or a certificate of registration (for the military), state standard document on the previously acquired educational degree (the original), on the basis of which the introduction is made and an appendix thereto, the entrants present personally.

Entrants’ documents are submitted to:

03041, Kyiv-41, st. Generala Rodimtseva, 19, educational building number 1.
Reception of documents daily from 9.00 to 18.00
Saturday and Sunday - from 9:00 to 14:00
lunch break - from 13.00 to 14.00.
Phone: (097) 827-78-78

You can find out more about the rules of admission on the Admission page.

Additional detailed information can be obtained at the Department of Management and Educational Technology of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine at:

Kiev, st. Heroyiv Oborony, 15, educational building number 3, room 04 or by phone (044) 527-83-56, (097) 827-78-78.
Head of the Department of Management and Educational Technology - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Kubitskyi Serhii Olehovych.
Deputy Head of the Department - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor Bilan Lyudmyla Leonidivna (tel. (044) 527-83-56).



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