Department of teaching methods and management of educational institutions

Scientific work of the department and scientific staff training

1. Scientific and research work of the department is carried out on the research themes: “Innovative methods of educational process in agricultural higher educational institutions using IT technologies” and “Theoretical and methodological principles of forming professional competence of agrarian specialists”

- Zhuravska - "Problems of teachers’ training of agrarian disciplines at higher educational establishments of countries of Western European Integration”;

- Bilan L.L. – “Problems of methodical training of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers of higher educational establishments”;

-  Rudyk Y.M. - "Issues of training gifted students’  and test evaluation of student achievements”;

- Yakovleva V.A. - "Problems of organization, content, forms and methods of practical training at speciality “Management of educational institutions”.

2. Participation in scientific conferences, organization of students’ research and training (scientific clubs, exhibitions of scientific works, students’ conferences, students’ publications etc); specialized scientific societies; scientific publications.

3. Bilan L.L., Rudyk Y.M.  participated in expertise, reviewing and opposing to dissertations, writing comments on the abstracts of dissertation theses, monographs, textbooks etc.
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