Department of Management and Educational Technology

Cultural-educational and sports activity

The teaching staff of the department is engaged in educational work in class and out of class in the following directions:
1. Organization, stimulation and control of the training process (control of academic achievements, motivation to obtaining scholarship and the title 'The best student of the university', contacting with employers);
2. Development of student scientific potential (assistance in conducting scientific, academic competitions; publishing students’ scientific papers, organizing discussion clubs etc;)
3. Development of socio-pedagogical system (activity of an advisor of student group; cooperation with the students’ parents; cooperation with other advisors of academic groups; strengthening of the authority of teachers and co-workers of the faculty; participation in the work of commissions, meetings and other events connected with the cultural and educational work of the university; attracting faculty graduates to cooperation, strengthening the material base of the faculty etc);
4. Forming the atmosphere of creative, intellectual cultural communication (formation of valued orientations of students, creation and strengthening traditions of the faculty, participation in cultural and sport events within the faculty and university);
5. The system of students’ self-government (organization of students’ work in creative groups, cooperation with university student cCouncil, dormitory student council, publishing the faculty newspaper);
6. Socio-cultural life of students,  consultations and psychological help (organizing student council; educational work of the supervisor at dormitoriess; sociological surveys; organization of meetings with medical and law-enforcement workers on actual problems of the youth.



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